Thursday, April 11, 2013

The spark

There was once a girl who met a guy she felt completed her
He was different from all the other guys she used to date
She could be 100% herself around him and it felt so natural
Time passed and even the hard times couldn't split them
Then all of a sudden she got scared of this ever so perfect union
She felt her love for him had changed over the year
He did everything to make her happy but she still felt unsure
Because the romantic spark seemed to be missing in action
She asked for space. He didn't understand but he gave her just that
The first days were fine. She had all the freedom but something was missing
The weeks passed and she had all the answers she wanted but was he still waiting?
She rushed back to him like the prodigal son and explained it all
He took her back because he loved her and because she knew how to win him over
They found that spark and it remained with them as they lived happily ever after
A spark is caused when TWO objects strike each other.