Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just like Adel 9

When the office door opened and Henry walked in I just stared at him. "What is it?" He asked immediately. I looked away, realising that my expression may have given me away. I wasn't sure what to say to him. He thought I knew about his condition when we spoke the other night and the thought of me helping him find a drug lit him up. I decided to play along. "Nothing. You took a little longer than I expected that's all." I lied. He nodded and apologised. I honestly wasn't sure I could keep my composure. It prayed it was just a bad dream. "You look tired. Let me drop you off at home. We can do this tomorrow." He said picking up his keys. I nodded and we left.

When we got to my apartment my mind was a lot more settled. Maybe it was the silly jokes he was telling on the way or the fact that he was able to smile in such a condition. "Does it hurt?" I asked. He looked at me and replied, "I'm not in that stage yet so I guess we are safe." I nodded. Just before I stepped into my apartment he called me back. "I know this is a bit strange. If you ever feel like helping out is too much for you I totally understand." He said. I smiled at him. The guy I had fallen for had only 3 months to live. How on earth will helping him live longer be too much for me? I wanted to tell him this but all I could say was, "Oh naa. You can count on me." The smile that formed on his face was priceless.

That night I found it hard to sleep. Too many things run through my mind. Henry was going to die in 3 months. Why was the first serious looking guy I ever liked being taken away from me. I realised how selfish that sounded. His family had to just watch it happen. When I got to work in the morning Dean saw me and instantly knew I didn't sleep well. "Why didn't you tell me that Henry is dying?" I asked. He looked at me in shock and asked me how I found out. "Henry made me swear not to tell anyone, especially you. He said he didn't want the whole sympathy thing." Dean explained. He told me everything he knew. When Henry was diagnosed, how they tried to fight the disease but it was too late. "We just wanted him to have a happy life no matter the length that's why we tried to get you two together. You seemed to like each other too so Adel and I just thought it would help." He confessed. I asked Dean about Henry's research into a sustenance drug and Dean said Mr. Broke said it was impossible for orgosis. I spent most of my free time at work reading about the disease. The things I found weren't good at all. I understood his family now. They just wanted him to spend his last days happy.

After work Henry called me and arranged to meet at a restaurant not too far from his house. I took a cab straight there and smiled when I saw him wave at me sitting by himself in a corner. He was smiling from ear to ear. He hugged me when I got there. It was so unexpected I almost fell over. "I've found it." He said almost giggling. I smiled too. I couldn't help it. His smile was just too infectious. "I reached out to a doctor in Denmark who has been studying orgosis for 19 years. He has finally got a medicine for it." He started. I pulled my chair closer. "wow is it a cure?" I asked. Henry shook his head. "He's not there yet but he has a drug that, well in layman terms it sort of jump starts ur organs when they enter the failing stage. The drug testing worked on 8 out of 10 patients. The 2 it didn't work on both had diabetes. The drug sort of feeds a lot on insulin. Thank God I don't have diabetes right?" He continued. I smiled.

I asked if the drug was on the market yet and he explained how the diabetics issue according to Danish medical rules is not prevents it from being used so he had to find a way to work around it. He told me how he had reached out to the doctor in charge of the experimental drug and he said he could come and be tested in exchange to helping him launch the drug. We had dinner at the restaurant and Henry went on and on about doctor Graham and his research. It was like life had been poured into him, new life. This drug was his life.

To be continued...