Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just like Adel 11

I never expected to see Henry in the hospital this quickly, especially with his new medication. His symptoms has reduced so drastically. Adel was sitting next to me when the doctor walked to us. "Only family members are allowed to stay." He said looking at me. Adel held my hand and turned to him. "Doctor Obeng this is Doris. She's our cousin." Adel lied. Holding my hand. The doctor stared at me and smiled all of a sudden. "Ahaa I thought as much. She looks a lot like you but I had to be sure. Henry is awake now. He's fine but we want to keep him here tonight until we get some test results." He said, leading us to Henry's room.

It was a big hospital and everything looked so proper. Adel and I stood at the entrance of his room. Doctor Obeng walked off with a nurse and we stared at each other. "Thanks ." I said to her when he was out of sight. "Oh it's nothing. I'm glad you are here. Henry has really become better since he met you. I'm really glad..." She started but Henry cut in. "And what has Henry done this time?" He said sitting up on his bed. We turned to him and walked into the room.

Adel and I spent all the rest of our visiting hours chatting with Henry. He seemed fine. Then a nurse came to lead us out after several failed promoters. Adel dropped me off at home after we left. She wasn't bad at all. In fact I saw why Dean liked her so much. When I got home I quickly texted Henry to tell him I was home. Just before I put my bag down I noticed the blue notebook Mr. Brock had given me. I pulled it out of my bag and flipped through. There was writings on just one page. "Doris this may be a lot to ask but can you go to Denmark with Henry for his next treatment session? I have spoken to your boss and all expenses will be paid. Please don't tell Henry it is from me." I read aloud. I stared at the note for a while and fell on my bed. All I could think about was how odd Henry's family was.

The next day after work Adel came to pick Dean and I to Henry's hospital. Henry was already dressed up and ready to leave when we got there. When he hugged me it felt different. We all sat in his room chatting. "Did you guys come to pick me up or visit me?" Henry teased and we left. Dean suggested we all go see a movie but Henry didn't like the idea. He kept saying he was tired and just wanted to sleep. I guessed he just wanted to be alone. Adel suggested other things but he refused all of them. "OK we will be leaving now then." Dean said right after Adel dropped Henry at home on his varenda. "Alright. Thanks for everything guys." He said. We all turned around to leave but Henry held my hand. "No not you. I've missed you too much." He said smiling. My heart warmed up. Adel turned to look at us. She winked at me and dragged Dean to her car.

Dean and I spent the night eating cereal and playing video games. I wasn't particularly good at it but with time pulled a few surprises on him. I made a conscious effort not to talk about his father. "Doris, there's something I need to tell you. My time at the hospital got me thinking." He said, putting aside his controller. I turned to face him and he continued. "I don't want to die and have you think I'm a jerk. The relationship between my father and I is a little weird. I'm sure you already know that by now." I nodded and he smiled. "My mother had Orgosis. When she found out, she did all she could to find a cure for it. She did so much research that it makes mine look like a joke. My dad helped as much as he could but unfortunately he couldn't save her. When she died he was a mess. Since then my father gave up. He didn't think there was any hope especially after all the things my mother tried. His best advice for me is to enjoy the time I have left. Something he never got to do with my mother. It disgusts me to be honest. No father should give up like that." Henry said. I could tell it took a lot out of him. "Hey, it's ok. I understand both of you. This must be really hard for you but just remember I'm here and everything is going to be ok." I said, holding his hands. "There's something else you need to know." He said, looking straight into my eyes.

To be continued.... 


  1. I'm officially glued to this story.

  2. Finally, you're back! I was giving up on you.. Good one there, next chapter please.