Monday, November 23, 2015

Zaky 4

We left the party in about an hour. Everybody was still there when we left. "I hope you had fun." He said. I nodded and smiled. "I'm glad you did." He replied as we walked down the street to catch a cab. He hadn't asked for my number this whole time. I wanted to take his but I felt it was a bit pushy. When he said "I think this taxi is empty, we can take it." I calmed my nerves. He said WE! He opened the door for me and joined me at the back seat. He looked at his watch and asked me to tell the taxi driver where I was going. He probably had more plans for his night. There was no traffic at all sadly, so we got to my house in no time.

When the taxi stopped I put my hand in my bag to bring out my purse but Zaky stopped me. He insisted on paying. "We could split it." I offered but he would have none of that. "Ah is there a bank down this road?" He asked pointing. I nodded and he asked if there was a restaurant right opposite it. I nodded again and he smiled. "I think I know this area." He added. I giggled and told him our office wasn't far from my house. "Thanks for coming with me Spider Woman." He teased. I laughed and nodded. "Alright see you around." He said and the taxi left.

"His number." I said to myself when I realised I had forgotten to ask him but it was too late. I turned around and walked to my house. I noticed my car was back. I smiled as I went past it. If I had driven it to work I wouldn't have met him. I still had what Kafui said on my mind. It was a bit confusing but I thought about how interesting Zaky was and smiled. Maybe a visit to our Head Office would do the trick.

Dede couldn't wait to see me the next day. She came over to my desk immediately I settled down. "I did some snooping around and guess what?" she asked. I smiled and asked her to continue but I noticed she was staring at me in a funny way. "Really? This is the best you could wear today?" She asked with her hands on her hips. I shrugged and explained to her that I really wanted to wear something interesting but I didn't own any such clothes. "How about that white top with the ruffles?" Dede asked. "It was dirty." I said hiding my face in my palms. She gave me a sympathetic look and continued what she was saying before she was rudely interrupted by my fashion flaws!

Dede told me the person Zaky was covering for had extended their leave so he was going to be around at least for 2 more weeks. That was amazing news! That was why Dede wanted me to look good. Now I had to just plan how to bump into him. The bus would have been a good plan but I brought my car to work this time. "Tomorrow I'll leave my car at home and use the bus. He'll take it too." I said. Dede giggled. She thought it was a good plan but didn't understand why I needed to go that far. "You guys are friends now. You can just walk up to him and talk." She said. I stared at her. She had a point but I wasn't sure what I would say. The only thing I really wanted to ask him was what the girl at the party meant by what she said. But I honestly didn't know how to ask without it sounding weird. Just then Dede's boss walked into his office. "We will talk about this at lunch time." She said quickly and rushed off.

Unfortunately for me Dede wasn't able to meet up with me during lunch time. She had to attend a meeting at the head office that took longer than she imagined. After work I walked to my car and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Zaky coming out of the building too. He was with a bunch of his colleagues. Before I could turn away our eyes met.

To be continued...