Monday, November 16, 2015

Zaky 3

"I hope you have fun. I'm not really a party person but I had to be here. If I'm boring pinch me ok?" He said and smiled. I smiled and nodded. If had asked me to do anything at all at that very moment my answer would have been yes. No matter what it was. As we entered he held my hand again. I probably needed pinching too because I felt like I was dreaming. Maybe I dozed off on the bus?

There were people all over. Everyone was in work clothes but some of the ladies had thrown on some extra jewellery and unbuttoned their shirts a bit lower. Dede was right, the women who worked here looked much more daring. Their heels were higher, clothes were tighter and their make up was something else. I felt so odd in my flats. "Zak how's the new branch?" A tall guy said, smiling and shaking his hand. They had a brief conversation and we walked to the table that was serving drinks.

Zaky kept very close to me. He would chat a bit, introduce me to people and walk around. Then we met the operations manager. She was tall and commended a lot of presence. What in modern terms people call a boss chick. Even in a colourful party hat I could sense it. "Zaky! Have you missed Head Office already?" She said and we all giggled. She shook my hand and I wished her a happy birthday. Zaky was right about being bad company. He would chat for a while and when he noticed it quickly rush back to me. It was perfectly fine for me, I mean I was just excited to be his date. I spent a good deal of the time texting Dede and telling her all about him.

When I felt someone close to me I took my eyes off my phone and turned to them. It was a lady. She had a perm cut and the most modest clothes in the room, well besides mine. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She looked at Zaky was was busy laughing with some guys and turned back to me. "You are from his new branch right?" She asked. I nodded. Then her smile faded. "Are you two going out?" She asked bluntly. I wasn't expecting such a question at all. "No, me and him? No we are not." I said, fumbling all over the place. "Well then, lucky you." She added. At this point Zaky had seen us and was walking briskly towards us. Before I could ask her what she meant he had reached us. "Kafui, how are you doing?" He asked her. She gave a very dull reply and just walked off. "Have you tried the spring rolls? They are amazing." Zaky said immediately she left. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the food table like that awkward conversation never happened.

To be continued....