Sunday, November 8, 2015

Zaky 2

"Are you OK? " I heard someone ask. I looked up, parting my braids to see who it was. It was him, Zaky! He was looking down at me. "Me? I'm fine. Just moving to some music " I lied with a smile wider than I would have liked. He smiled too. "ok." He said and sat down. "Were you going to tap my shoulder earlier?" He asked and I noticed I had forgotten what I was going to say to him. Yikes! "No" I lied again. "Yea? Because I could have sworn I saw ur palm on my shoulder." He said looking straight at me. His brown eyes looked even more attractive up close. "Ermm yea it was this, spider thing there." I said.

This was not going as I planned it at all. Surprisingly Zaky laughed. Then the bus stopped. This was his stop. I had blown my second chance! "Did you see where the spider went?" He teased. I nodded. "It dropped." I replied. "Ei where,  at the stop before this one?" He asked. I giggled too. I realised he was preparing to leave the bus. "Yes didn't you see it?" I played along. I smiled when the bus started moving again. Someway God had saved my incredible mess up. And almost instantly I felt comfortable around him.

"Anyways I'm Zaky." He said. "I'm Spider woman." I said pretending to be shooting webs. He laughed out really hard. He got up and sat next to me. "Zaky sounds like a nice name for a psychic doesn't it?" He said and we both laughed. We goofed around some more and he asked me why we had never met. "You are really funny. That's rare around here." He confessed. We talked and joked some more. "I'm going to this party at the Head office. Do you want to come?" He asked. I couldn't believe it. Wow that was fast. All because of my silly, sloppy humour. I nodded without a second thought. I could hardly believe what was happening.

When the bus stopped at our company's head office Zaky and I got off and walked into the building. It seemed too good to be true. I mean in all technicalities we spoke for barely an hour and we were already on a date? Well it wasn't exactly a romantic date but he asked me to go somewhere with him so he obviously enjoyed my company. I wanted to ask him why he brought me along. Why he picked me instead of all the ladies at work. I was honestly the least fancy one, with glasses and all but I didn't want to jinx it. Maybe he did ask them and they were all busy.

The party wasn't anything big. It was held in one office. The Operations Manager was celebrating her 50th birthday.
Just before we walked into the party place Zaky grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side of the door away from everybody's sight. He looked me straight in the eye. His face was so close to mine my heart skipped a beat.

To be continued...