Monday, November 30, 2015

Zaky 5

Zaky had the most charming eyes. He smiled and walked in my direction. I slowed my pace. "Spidy." He called and smiled. I laughed and all my nerves calmed down instantly. We spoke for a while. After a few minutes we saw the company bus take off. "Shit! I missed it again. I made you miss the bus too. I guess we will have to share a cab again. Did you know my new apartment is close to your place?" He said. My heart started racing again. "Wow, so we are neighbours." I said smiling like a sheep. Naturally I gave Zaky the good news, I had a car! His face lit up and he hopped into the front seat. I could not believe my second string of luck. Zaky and I were neighbours? Wow!

Immediately we got to Zaky's apartment Dede called. I answered the call. "Hey sorry about the lunch thing oh. Aha you remember the girl you told me who snubbed Zaky right? What's her name? I sent you a text but didn't get an answer." She asked. I turned to look at Zaky who was still in the car. "Oh you mean the host of Who Wants To Be Rich? I think it's Kafui.. Kafui Dei." I said, trying to sound convincing. Dede clearly didn't get it. "Huh? What are you talking about?" She said. I hung up on her and quickly sent her a text. I explained to her that I was with Zaky and if I mentioned her name he would find it weird. Just when I thought my lucky was too good Zaky invited me in!

"Make yourself at home. There's only water in my fridge though." Zaky said when we got into his apartment. The place was nice and spacious. The decor was very modern and expensive. "Nice place." I said taking a seat. The walls were painted grey except one that was black and white striped. There were paintings on the walls too. "Don't be deceived, I didn't do this myself. This place belongs to my cousin. He's out of town for a year so I'm sort of a caretaker. I don't have this kind of stylish flare at all." Zaky said grabbing the TV remote and sitting next to me. I smiled. What was he talking about? He had style! Then I realised how sadly dressed I was and I kept quiet.

We spent about an hour watching TV and then I left. It was nice hanging out with him but I didn't want to outstay my visit. On my way home I stopped by a clothing shop and got myself something nice for work the next day. When I got home I checked my phone and saw a message from Dede. It said, "I spoke to the Kafui girl. She said some pretty strange things about Zaky but I'm guessing she's just jealous." I replied and asked what strange things. "She said she wanted to talk to you so I gave her your number. If she threatens you we will know for sure that she is jealous." Dede replied. I waited for Kafui to call but she didn't.

To be continued... 


  1. I like how this is going. That's one fabulous young man, I tell you.

  2. Interesting..
    I just went through all 5 episodes right now.
    Im hooked!