Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's payback time!

"Excuse me." I said politely and walked into the washroom. I grabbed my phone from the clutch and called my roommate. “Maame guess where we are?” I asked. 

Maame: No idea, wait have you asked him yet?

Me: Ask him what? I’m not asking him anything my dear. He’s a lying bastard and he’s going to pay for lying to me.

Maame: Kelly for all you know he has a good explanation. Hear him out first.

Me: Are you kidding me? What would he say? He has a sugar mummy so he make money to take care of his poor parents? Please. Even if it’s to save the world he has no right to lie to me. Can you image how stupid I’ll look when people find out? Mtcheeew. He thinks I’m some Azonto chick who will just fall for him because of his ride or what?

Maame: Kelly calm down. 

Me: I’m calm. I’m just going to make sure I drain his sugar mummy’s money before I leave his sorry a**. 

Maame: Language! 

Me: I’m sorry, it’s just annoying. I almost fell for him oh. I thought he was so genuine. Hey, I have to go. I’m not coming back to the hostel tonight.

Maame: Why…don’t tell me you are going to sleep over at his place and set his house on fire. Hahaha

Me: Oh no. You this girl. I’m not psychotic oooh. Just wanna run his fuel a little. I’m going home. 

Maame: Eiii you are serious oh. So does he know he’s driving you to McCarthy Hill?

Me: Nope.

Maame: Be careful ooh. When guys spend a lot of money on a girl they usually get very aggressive when she denies them something they want.

Me: Your words are so polished. Don’t worry he I won’t let him touch me. Not even a strand of my hair. 

Maame: You mean your weave. Hahaha

Me: Hahaha I think that’s my cue. My battery is even low. I’ll have to call you when I get home. Later, bye.

I looked at myself in the mirror one more time and walked out. The night wasn’t bad at all. It went just as I planned it. I had their seafood special…the most expensive dish in the restaurant. I took it with a bottle of red wine…I hate wine but all the other drinks were far too cheap. When we got the bill I saw him cough a little. Otwiaa, he thinks I chose a classy restaurant for nothing.

“Why don’t we go to my hostel instead of going to the movies? We would have a wider range of movies to watch.” He suggested. I knew his plan from the start! “Your room won’t be as fun. I love the cinema. Is it about the money?” I asked innocently. “No, it’s not the money at all. Ayt let’s go the cinema then.” He said opening the door for me. I strapped my seatbelt and he drove to the cinema. When we got there he asked to excuse himself and walked towards the ATM machines. I couldn’t help laughing. 

“What would you like to watch?” He asked when he came back. He didn’t look amused at all. We walked to the counter and bought two tickets to see a romantic comedy. I didn’t even know the movie. Just when we were about to go inside I held his hand. “Nii, you know what? Maybe you are right. It would probably be more fun in your room. Your roommate is not around right?” I teased. He stopped walking instantly and smiled. Then he looked down at the tickets. I’m sure he was thinking. “Eii so this girl make I waste my money. She no make I feel ah, I go bore ooh.” I took the tickets, crumpled them and threw them into a bin. “Let’s go have some fun shall we?” I said with the most seductive look I know. I held his hand and dragged him. I could see he was staring at my behind. Poor boy. Lol.

He was walking faster now. Clearly he liked my idea. “Hey you sure your room will be empty?” I asked again. He turned to me and nodded. “My roommate has gone home. He won’t be back till Sunday.” He said with the widest smile ever. “Oh cool that means I could sleep over right?” I said playing with my hair. “Yea baby.” He said and we both giggled. “Oh wait, I need to pick something up real quick at McCarthy Hill.” I said quickly. He turned to look at me sharply. “McCarthy Hill, can’t it wait?” He asked. “No, if I’m sleeping over at yours I need to pick it up now.” I said adjusting the bust line of my dress. 

When we got to the front of my house I was so excited. Silly boy, I was going to leave him waiting outside all night long! He deserved every bit of it. He parked by the road and I took out my phone. My battery was dead! I smiled to myself. I had to borrow his phone. I was going to top up my plan by chewing small of his credit. “Nii can I use your phone? I need to call my mum so she’ll come open the gate for me.” I asked sweetly. He didn’t hesitate one bit. He took out his phone for me immediately. I smiled and dialed my mum’s number. 

 “Sweety, I thought you wanted to sleep early today. You can’t sleep?” My mum said! I dropped the phone immediately. Wow!


  1. i wonder who is getting the last laugh in this situation? lol

  2. hahahahahaha
    next tym!!
    wo b3 te wo samina!

  3. Serves her right. Next time biom

  4. Whaaaaaaaat! Julz I'm frying u for dis! Wey kind twist be dis?

  5. Oh, this one dierr, head tron ankasa!

  6. awwwww dat ws too much 4 hey,he deservd it...

  7. hahahahahhaah. smack smack smack! right in your face. n thats a back hand slap at that! love it juliet as always