Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The hope to carry on (4)

The month was about to end and Mrs. Forson was so nice to me. She dropped me off from work every evening after work. This was such a relief. When the month came to an end, the time had come to carry out our plan. Mrs. Forson explained to Mr. Wilson that she was only keeping me for the month because she didn’t have anyone else. He quickly informed her that there was a young man ready to take my place. She asked him to make the switch at the end of the month. Clearly, he didn’t know what was going to happen to him. 

My heart was pounding when the day came. The plan was to play along with his request to sleep with me to the hearing of the manager and Mrs. Forson. I didn’t like the idea very much but what he did wasn’t right. When I saw how lean my little brother had gotten I knew there was no turning back! If there was anyone to fight for it was him.

“Fafa, I know you can do this. We will be right outside his office. He won’t be able to do anything to you ok?” She consoled. I nodded and got out of her car. I walked to the office. This time I wasn’t excited at all to get paid. I was more worried about what he might do to me. I knocked three times on the door and heard his evil voice say ‘come in’. I made sure my phone was still on speaker phone and walked in.  “What do you want?” He asked harshly when he saw me. I could feel my hands shaking. “Please I’ve come for my salary Sir.” I managed to say. He opened a drawer and took out some money. He counted 70 Cedis and put it at the edge of the table. I picked it up and counted it again. “Sir this is 70 Cedis. It’s not up to 100.” I said again. He stopped typing and turned to look at me fully. “The 30 is in my room at home. If you want it we can go there for it.” He said with a nasty smile. I looked down. “Will I get the money you refused to give me last month too?” I asked. “Of course my dear. I’ll even drop you off when we are done.” He offered, beaming with smiles. "Look, you are a beautiful girl. You can make a lot of money with his lovely body of yours. So shall we go?" He went on, getting off his seat. Just then the door flew open and a very angry woman stormed in with Mrs. Forson. 

Things went better than I thought. I was paid my salary in full plus the arrears. The phone was given to me for the inconvenience caused. That day I came home with 160 Cedis. I had to pay my uncle’s wife for the rest of the month. She was quick to remind me. I paid her immediately so she won’t nag at me. When I lay down to sleep next to my brother I smiled broadly. I covered him properly with a cloth. Even though I didn’t have much, I knew it was enough to keep him happy at least for a while.

Mrs. Forson gave me the day off the next day. I picked Edem up from school and sent him to a restaurant to have lunch. He was so excited and bouncing all over the seat. We hadn’t been to that restaurant in years! We shared a large pizza with drinks. Edem was busy stuffing his face when I heard an all too familiar voice. I turned around and saw Mr. Wilson sitting down with another man. Just then our eyes met and my heart missed a beat. I grabbed my brother’s hand and signaled for the waiter to come. “Can you pack the rest up for us to take away?” I asked politely. I was still looking at Mr. Wilson from the corner of my eye. As the waiter left he stood up and walked in our direction. “Edem get up, we are leaving.” I ordered. He grabbed his bottle of coke and attempted to finish it as I pulled him. I collected the leftover from the waiter when he came back and paid him instantly. I turned around and Mr. Wilson was nowhere to be found. I tightened my grip and dragged Eden faster to the exit. “Where are you running to?” Mr. Wilson said standing right in front of us.

To be continued...