Friday, April 22, 2011

The hope to carry on (5)

“Please I just came to get something to eat.” I said putting my brother behind me. “I see, you have a fortune out of me haven’t you? You think you can destroy my career and walk away like that don’t you?” He said. He smelled of alcohol. I was afraid of what he would do. “Please I’m sorry.” I pleaded but he raised his hand and slapped me. I fell to the floor immediately. “Fafa!” My brother called and rushed to me. Then he grabbed my brother by the color. “Leave him alone!” I screamed getting up. “Foolish girl, what can you do?” He asked and raised his hand to hit him. I pushed him as hard as I could but he didn’t budge but he lost grip of Edem. “Edem go and wait for me in your school!” I yelled. He was just standing there. “No.” He said with tears in his eyes. “Go!!” I managed to say before Mr. Wilson hit me again. Then it happened. Edem closed his eyes and run onto the street and a car from nowhere run him over. The sound it made took all the pain out of me. I saw my brother fall to the ground. 

My head was spinning when the doctor walked out to give me results. The driver who hit him sped off so I was on my own. “Have you called your parents?” He asked. “We don’t have parents. How is he?” I asked sharply. “He will be fine. He sustained a few injuries we have to tend to but he has to go into surgery if you want him to be able to walk again.” The doctor said. “Ok so operate on him. He has to be able to walk!” I thundered. “Young lady, you better let your parents know because the National Insurance doesn’t cover surgery.” He said again. “Our parents are dead ok?! I’m the only person he has got.” I said in tears. The doctor didn’t know what else to say. “How much will it cost?” I asked. “800 Cedis.” He replied politely. I nodded and turned away. “Do what you have to do I’ll get the money.” I said and walked away. It was my entire fault and I was going to find a way to make things work. 

“Where do you think I will get 800 Cedis from?” My Uncle’s wife yelled at me. She kept saying it was my fault and so I should deal with the consequences. I don’t know why I even wasted my time to ask her.  Mrs. Forson was my only hope. I got to work very early the next day and did my best to work extra hard. After working hours I rushed to her office before she could leave. “Madam I wanted to ask you something.” I started. She signaled for me to sit down and continue. “My little brother had an accident and is in the hospital. The doctor said it will cost 800 Cedis to operate on him. I was wondering if you could pay me for 8 months in advance so I’d use it to pay his bills.” I explained. She looked pretty sympathetic. “I’m very sorry about your brother but the restaurant doesn’t make that much money my dear. The best I can do is to pay you early for this month. I’ve decided to give you a raise too. So I can pay you 150 Cedis this week. I’m truly sorry Fafa.” She said. I smiled weakly and nodded. “It’s ok madam. Thank you. I’ll take the 150 then.” I replied.
I was at the hospital early the next morning. The doctor even came to meet me. “Sir, I have 250 Cedis here. Please send him to surgery. I’ll pay the rest later.” I pleaded. He shook his head slowly. “I’m so sorry but the payment has to be done in full before anything can be done. Talk to your relatives ok?” He said tapping my shoulder. I looked down at the money. What had Edem done to deserve this? Maybe it was time I let go of myself and allow the world to take control of me. After all what’s the point in being Christian if God was just punishing me. I had decided. I was going to sell my body for money. I would be throwing away my virginity but at least I will exchange it for a good life for my brother.

That night after work, I went to the popular agaji spot in town and stood by the road like all the rest. I couldn’t really believe I was doing this but the worst feeling came when a car pulled over next to me. The driver came out of the car and walked to me. I wasn’t sure I could do this. “It’s you. I’ve been looking for you at every hospital. I am so sorry. What I did was wrong. I haven’t been able to sleep since it happened.” He said. He was right, that was the car that hit my brother. I could even see the dent. Just like he was reading my mind he said… “I’ll pay for all his medical bills.” 

God works in the oddest ways…

To be continued…


  1. help when u least expected..i`m loving this :)..Nice post As Always..

  2. herh God dey papa. was scared for the girl. good insight. like the way the story is rolling out. keep them coming. ;)