Sunday, November 21, 2010

His kind of girl (5)

My whole weekend was dark and cloudy. My eyes were aching because I had been crying for so long. I managed to go to church on Sunday but rushed home even before the service ended. God knew what was wrong with me. In fact he watched it all happen on Friday! Nicky had gone to see her grandparents for the weekend so I wouldn’t see her till Monday. I needed a shoulder to cry on but I needed a shoulder that understood where I was coming from. I stayed in my room all day Saturday, so on Sunday I decided to take a walk. I tied my long (expensive Brazilian) hair in a ponytail and wore the blue pair of shorts and tank top Nicky gave me on my 23rd birthday. I never wore them because the shorts were really short and the top was as tight as my own skin. I guess I wore it that day because I felt like breaking free. From what, I don’t really know. When my mother saw me, she looked straight from my sneakers to my hair. “Eii this transformation is serious oh. You had better grab a husband whilst you are at it.” She said and my father burst out laughing like my mother was Russell Peters. 

As I jogged slowly down my Spintex neighbourhood, I felt like Gabriella in Desperate Housewives. The music I was listening to made it even better! I’m sure I was yelling instead of singing. “To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left!” It was just unfortunate that I didn’t have anything that belonged to Nana. I would have thrown it in his face. I was almost running now. I stopped to catch my breath. How did people jog so easily? It was so tiring. There wasn’t a seat anywhere so I leaned on a tree. Just then a couple walked by holding hands. The guy whispered something into the girl’s ear and she giggled. Tears were forming in my eyes. “God, I want this too. Haven’t I waited long enough?” I asked out loud, looking up.
I decided to check up on Sedem. I hadn’t returned his calls the other day so I stopped over at his house. The security man teased me as I walked in. He said I looked like a dancer. I managed to pull a smile. I hope Mr. and Mrs. Djumor where not home, I had been teased enough! I worked my way to the boy’s quarters as quietly as I could. “Sedem, can I come in?” I asked almost whispering. "Errm... Doris give me a minute.” He replied. I smiled because of what came into my head. “Eish Sedem are you alone? If you are not I can leave you two alone.” I teased. “Oh, what do you mean, I’m alone.” He shot out. “Then don’t worry about hiding the lotion. I mean, it’s just me.” I went on. This time I was laughing. Just like magic he opened the door. “You are silly, very silly.” He said and I walked in. He stood in front of me as I sat down on his bed. “You went jogging, what’s wrong?” he asked in disbelief. “Oh why, can’t I go jogging for no reason?” I said, trying to sound genuine. He shook his head. “You look good though.” He added and sat on a chair next to me. I told him all about how I decided to kick Nana ‘to the left’ and start afresh. The rest of the visit was exactly what I needed. Letting everything out and teasing Sedem seemed to make me feel a lot better. 

Nicky and I finally spoke on Tuesday evening and we decided Nana was a jerk! A fine one though. He hadn’t called me since Friday and I wasn’t going to call him either. Pierre and I on the other hand were going on a date, a real date. He was an unbelievably handsome and respectful guy. The type of guy a girl would die for. I just didn’t think he liked me for me because he didn’t really know me. Every time I was with him, I couldn’t be myself but I was going to give it a try. I got dressed and waited for my French man.

 I saw a car pull up in front of my house so I dashed out. When I opened the front door I noticed that it was Sedem’s car. He got out and walked to me with something in his hand. “What’s up?” I asked when I was close to him. “I saw this at a shop and thought it would come in handy with your new found sport.” He said handing it over to me. I opened the bag and saw a blue head and arm band. It was the same colour as the shorts and tank top. “Aww this is cute.” I said giggling. Sedem was so thoughtful. “I need to tell you something.” He started and sat down. I looked at him and the bands for a minute. “This had better not be some bribe for a favour oh.” I warned and sat down next to him. “I don’t know how to say this…” he started. “Don’t worry, you can say it anyway.” I said with a giggle. He didn’t even smile. He was obviously nervous. “Doris, I’m in love with you. I’ve had this feeling for so long. I couldn’t tell you because you were always going on and on about Nana so I’m telling you now. I honestly feel it’s now or never.” He shot out. I was speechless. I never saw that coming and I didn’t know what to say. “Sedem, I don’t know what to say.” I finally said. He took my hand gently. “You don’t have to say anything now. Just think about it.” He added and kissed my hand. When I nodded he got up to leave. I sat there alone with the most confused face in the world.

To be continued…


  1. hehehe... this happens all too often... u pray and pray for someone when noone is minding u and when ur prayer is answered, the devil throws in some extra pple to confuse you. I hope she sees thru and chooses right. but julz paa, only u will go to a guys hse all sweaty from a jog...