Monday, November 1, 2010

His kind of girl (1)

“Wow this is going to be really cool.” Nicky said with a grin. “Is this really necessary?” Sedem asked shaking his head. Nicky and I just giggled. “You are a guy, you won’t understand.” Nicky explained. We got out of his car, waved at him and walked to the beauty parlor. It was just as I imagined it. I kept my shades on to hide the surprise in my eyes. The place was huge and so pretty. I knew this was going to be heavy on my pocket but I felt I deserved it. A lady came up to us and escorted us in. First I had my hair done, then I had an amazing facial transformation and finally had a manicure and pedicure. Nicky was in the lounge enjoying a FIVE CEDI glass of juice and flipping through fashion magazines. In four hours I was done. I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t believe the image staring back at me. Oh Nicky was speechless as well. When Sedem saw me he got out of the car and gave me the keys to drive. It was so hilarious. 

It was amazing how I caught the eye of so many men. When my Aunt said beauty is like a magnet she wasn’t wrong. You know you look really good when both men and women stare! I bet you are wondering why I went through this process. Well the reason is quite silly. There was this guy, Nana I have known for about three years. I’ve always liked him but he always had a girlfriend. We spent so much time together but he never noticed how I felt about him. From the type of girls he dated I came to realize he liked the high maintenance, sophisticated kind of girls. You know, the Taylor Swift kind of thing. He traveled out of the country for a year and was coming back. This time around he was single and I wasn’t going to lose him! 

He called me the minute he got to Kotoka Int. Airport. He scheduled to meet the very next day. I didn’t know he was that eager to see me. This was perfect. Wait! I hadn’t practiced to walk in heels enough. That night my dad came to my room and said in a very harsh tone. “Doris, stop making that kro chia noise!” The determined me put a blanket on the floor and went on with my walk. Before I went to bed, I ironed my clothes for that very important date. Nana sent me a text just when I was about to fall asleep. “I’m so glad to be back home. See you tomorrow and don’t be late ooh. I know you.” I read the text over and over again. That night I slept like a baby.

“There you go.” Nicky said. She just finished my make-up. She is such a resourceful person. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror and said to myself, “you better let all that money you spent be worth it.” Nicky’s cousin Sedem, gave us a ride to the pub. Nicky came with me till we got to the entrance. “Good luck ok?” She said and gave me a hug. I smiled and nodded. I could see Nana. He was looking so good. I walked slowly to him, not because I wanted to make a dramatic entry but purely coz the heels were killing me. When he turned around and saw me, he stood up. He was clearly staring. “Hey.” I said and hugged him. We sat down and he was still staring. 10 points for the beauty parlor!

 The first thing he said was, “wow, you’ve changed. You look so….different. I guess I’ve missed out on a lot.” I giggled. “I haven’t changed. You have been chatting with me online all the time. I’m the same me.” I said playfully. We went on chatting and laughing like old times but from time to time he gave that ‘wow’ stare. This was the best date ever. I could see our goodnight kiss already. If he wouldn’t do it, I was gonna do it for him. All too soon the date was over and Nana drove me to my house. “Tonight was really fun. Hey what are you doing on Saturday? My cousins are going to Labadi beach. You should come.” He invited. For some reason he was nervous. I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking about the kiss. “It’s ok, you can kiss me now.” I whispered trying to look as sexy as possible. (Nicky told me about the whisper thing) 

Then the unexpected happened. He leaned over to kiss me and just when I closed my eyes he pulled back. “What’s wrong? I’m not pretty and sophisticated enough?!” I asked furiously. “What? You are beautiful. You have always been but you have changed so much.” He answered. “What are you saying now? You don’t want to kiss me because I look better?” I said in a very unsexy tone. “Doris it’s complicated.” He added. I opened the door. “Oh I get it. You like me as a friend so there will always be an excuse. It’s fine. I mean you can’t force a person to love you.” I said and got out of the car. Tears were rolling down my carefully made-up face but I didn’t care. Nana got out of the car and rushed to me. He grabbed my hand but I pulled it away. “You have said enough, tomorrow my tears will be dried up and we will be best friends again. So go home.” I managed to say. “Go!” I yelled. Just then my dogs started barking and the lights in my parent’s room came on. I heard him say a very faint I’m sorry as I walked to the house.
To be continued…


  1. Hahahahah! Very interesting! Ope da ending is wat I'm thinking it is. Love it already. Thumbs up, Julz!

  2. Great piece, sounds like you can write a script(Movie/Play) , i love it.

  3. @David- thanx @Sylvester- thanx