Tuesday, November 16, 2010

His kind of girl (4)

I stared at the clock every second. Why wasn’t 5 o’clock coming? I couldn’t wait to meet Nana. He was already in Accra. He came by to see me at work. He was here for just a few minutes but it was so nice seeing him. I told him about the annual Black and White party and he planned to go with me. I was more than excited! I had to leave work on time so Nicky could help me dress up. He was picking me up at 7 and Nana is a little on the punctual side. I rushed out of the office after 5 like I was heading for the toilet with a running stomach. I got home at 5:50 and called Nicky to come work her magic. After we managed to finally pick the perfect dress, Nicky looked at me in a funny way. “Nick, what’s wrong?” I asked. She put the hair brush she was holding down and sat next to me on the bed. “Maybe putting make-up on and dressing sophisticated isn’t what Nana wants. I mean, it didn’t really work the first time.” She said. Was she kidding me? “You have it all wrong. He wasn’t sure he liked me but now he sees I can be snatched at any moment he wants to make us solid.” I carefully explained. Nicky wasn’t convinced. “I hope you are right on this one because Pierre seems like a nice guy so…” she started but I cut her short. “Pierre is just a friend. It’s Nana I like. Nana and I were meant to be.” Just then my phone rang. It was Pierre. Speak of the devil! He wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with him. It wasn’t that hard saying no to him because I wasn’t looking directly into his beautiful brown eyes. That would have been difficult. He declined nicely and said he would call me later. What a guy!
It was 7:15 and I hadn’t heard from Nana. I was all dressed up in a black mini dress (obviously Nicky’s) and a slim white belt. I advised myself this time and went for black flats. Tous les (all the) accessories were for my dear Nicky. Just when I was about to call Nana, he sent a text. “Doing some work for my mum. Will be at your place at about 8.” It read. I rolled my eyes and sat down on my bed. After all the ‘dropping’ I took to get home on time, I had to wait! Then there was a knock on my door. It was the helper. She said Sedem was looking for me. Then I remembered I had to return his pen drive. I took it from my bag and went outside to see him. 

“Hot mama sita, where are you off to?” Sedem teased when I got into his car. I giggled. “I’m going to the Black and White party with Nana.” I said proudly, handing him the drive. “Isn’t Nana supposed to be in Cape Coast?” he asked. “He came back just today.” I explained. This time he was completely staring at me. “I know what you are thinking but it looks like he really likes me now. He just needed time to realize it.” I went on. Sedem took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. I wasn’t ready for the lecture so I opened the door and got out of his car. “I’ve got to go; he’ll be here any minute from now.” I lied. Sedem nodded and drove off coldly. I understand him but this wasn’t any of his business. This was what I wanted. Nana was the man I wanted. I walked back to the house to wait for my Knight in shining armor. I turned on the TV and sat on my bed to watch.

I opened my eyes at once. I had fallen asleep watching one of those lousy Telenovelas. This was bad. I grabbed my phone and saw three missed calls. Oh my goodness, I checked to see the time the calls came and they were all from Sedem. What did he want kwraa? It was almost 10 o’clock. I ignored Sedem’s missed calls and called Nana. His phone was off. I tried and tried again but got the same response so I sent him a text and waited. This was just sad, I kept trying but his phone seemed like it was off for good. I sat down and stared at the two black tickets on the dresser. Love wasn’t just painful, it was costly too. I put my head down and tried very hard to think positive.

When my phone rang at about 10:15, I grabbed it like a refugee grabbing bread. To my surprise it was Pierre. He told me he was bored at home. I looked at the tickets one more time and asked if he wanted to go to the party. He agreed instantly and before I knew it he was at my house. For a fly guy he seemed very desperate. What at all did he see in me? I called Nana over and over again but I just couldn’t get through to him. I rushed out of the house and hopped into Pierre’s car. He was looking and smelling amazing and for some reason I felt free around him. 

When we got to the party I couldn’t tell if people were staring at me or him. Either way we turned heads. It felt really good and I could feel the envy in the eyes of the girls when I held his hand or leaned close to him. This was so much fun and his fragrance made it so easy. All the fun came to an end when I went to the bar to get a drink. “Can I have two cocktails please?” A familiar voice said from the side. “Nana!” I exclaimed. He turned and saw me. He was with a slim light skinned girl in a very small dress. “Doris, what are you…I’m sorry I didn’t call you. I thought because it was late you wouldn’t want to come.” He stuttered. He asked the lady to give him a minute and she left with her drink. Nana tried to hold my hand but I moved back. Just then Pierre came around. He put his hand around my shoulder and asked, “Is everything ok?” Nana didn’t even look at him. “Oh so you are seeing him now? I guess you never really liked me then.” Nana said, stepping back. I couldn’t believe him. “You are the one who stood me up remember? I waited for you, called your phone a million times and this is the card you play?” I said with tears in my eyes. He looked at Pierre and at me and walked off. This was the worst party ever. “Do you want to talk about this?” Pierre asked but all I wanted to do was lie on my bed and cry all my pain away.

To be continued…


  1. julz, i like this story... can't wait to read the rest

  2. Thanks. I'll keep them coming juuuust for you :)

  3. Great piece.. am loving it and hope it doesn't end so soon :-|

  4. Thanks Sylvester. Hope u read it till the very end.