Sunday, November 14, 2010

His kind of girl (3)

It seemed as if my pastor was speaking straight to me. He was right. In life, no matter what you do, you can’t always get what you want. I guess I should be settling with what he said. As Nicky said, if we are meant to be, we will be. I wiped a tear from my eye and smiled. “God knows best. Wait patiently on him” my pastor said. After the service I saw Mawuena with her friends. She showed me a necklace she got from her birthday. Sedem joined us. “Hey are you ok?” He asked when the girls run off. “Yea, why?” I said, straightening my skirt. He looked at me funny. “I saw you crying in church.” He added. I looked down. I couldn’t lie to Sedem, he sees right through me. “Nana told me he wasn’t ready for a stable relationship. He said when he wanted to get serious I was his first option.” I replied. He shook his head. I knew what he was going to say. He never really liked Nana. “Doris, I seriously don’t know what you see in that boy. Let me give you this bit of advice. Every guy who finds a girl he likes will go for her except…” He started. I looked straight at him. “Except what?” I asked eagerly. “Well except she is in love with someone else so he’s not sure she likes him but he knows you like him. Forget about him, you deserve better.” He said nervously. Just then my parents called me. “Hey I’m off. Will call you when I get home.” I said and rushed off. The painful part was that I knew he was right.

My week was pretty boring besides my co-worker Matthew bought me lunch because he thought I looked really cute. I guess beauty pays. Nana was in Cape Coast spending time with his dad. His parents were separated. I think that’s a serious turn on for me, don’t ask me why. We spoke everyday though but I felt reality was beginning to set in. Who was I kidding? I clearly wasn’t his kind of girl. On Thursday night, I got back from work a little early. I called Nana and he told me he wasn’t sure when he was coming back. I wanted to see him so much but I played along nicely. I got out of the taxi at my junction and we kept on chatting as I walked to my house. Just then a very familiar car pulled over right next to me. It was Pierre. He smiled and opened the door for me. I was startled. “Nana, I’ve got to go, I’ll call you back.” I rushed and hanged up. 

Pierre was unbelievable. He was drop dead gorgeous! I couldn’t believe I was sitting next to him again. “Are you going home?” He asked as he drove off in my direction. I nodded and he giggled. I think he noticed I was nervous. So shyous! “I’m going to get some food from Kenny’s. Could you see me off?” He asked again. I gathered all my courage but all I could do was nod. “Not much of a talker eh?” He teased. This time we both giggled. I know the first rule in keeping a guy attracted to you is to always seem confident. So basically, by the end of the day Pierre wouldn’t want to look at me twice. I needed to step up but it was just too hard.
“My goodness Nicky, it was crazy. He insisted I try the ice cream there and it was so good. Then he dropped me off at home. He took my number and sent me a goodnight text when he got home.” I rambled over the phone to Nicky. She was giggling the whole time. “Wow, looks like you have a new boyfriend. I told you the new look was a good idea.” She said. Just then I remembered I hadn’t called Nana back. “Hey Nick, got to go. I’ll talk to you later.” I said to her and called him right after.

Me: Hey you, what were you saying about your dad’s dog again?
Nana: Now you call me. What kept you?
Me: Oh I met this guy…friend of mine and he gave me a ride home.
Nana: Really, anybody I know? You told me you were at your junction. Why did you need a ride home?
Me: I met him at my junction, went to see him off to buy something and he brought me home. No, I don’t think you know him, he’s called Pierre.
Nana: Pierre, hahaha why is he French?
Me: Actually he is. Well half way. He’s part French, part Ghanaian.
Nana: I see. How come I’ve never heard of him? Are you hiding anything from me?
Me: Nooo, we met just last week Saturday.
MTN: You have just one minute remaining.
Me: Hey I just run out of credit. Will call you tomorrow morning ok?
Nana: I think I’ll come back to Accra tomorrow. I’ll come see you immediately I get there. Goodnight.
Me: Goodnight.

After the phone call I couldn’t help thinking “Nana is jealous!!!”

To be continued…