Thursday, November 4, 2010

His kind of girl (2)

I cried my eyes out that night. I couldn’t get what happened out of my mind. Nana called me several times but I wasn’t in the mood to talk. How could someone I had known so well be so mean? By 5am the next morning I got myself thinking that it wasn’t his fault. Maybe it wasn’t the physically sophisticated girl he liked. Maybe he liked girls who put their nails, hair and make-up first. I just wasn’t like that. Besides he was is a good friend. All was well, besides I really couldn’t keep up with the whole ‘heels’ thing. My feet were killing me! I rolled over to the other side of my bed and finally drifted off into sleep.

“…Beautiful girls all over the world…” my phone rang. “Apparently Nana didn’t like this beautiful girl.” I said to myself and cut the line. It rang again and annoyed me even more. Why was this song my ring tone again? I took a look at who was calling. It was Sedem, then it hit me, (like Tina did Ike in the Limo it finally hit me) his sister’s party! I cleared my throat and answered the call. “No, I’m not asleep. I’m almost done dressing. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” I lied. I put a pillow over my head and snoozed.

When I got to Sedem’s house his little sister, Mawuena was furious. Just so you know, Mawuena is a completely spoilt child who feels she is a queen! I apologized to her majesty and decorated the place as fast as I could. Just when I asked Sedem about Nicky, I heard her voice from the gate. She was on the phone as usual. When she saw me she rushed to where I was. “Hey you. You got back very late last night eh? Wow, tell me all about it.” She said all excited. I put the star I was holding down and looked away. “It didn’t work out. He doesn’t like me. He still sees me as just a friend.” I replied. Nicky seemed shocked and Sedem turned to look at me. “Is he mad? Does he know how much we spent on the new look?” She blurted out. Sedem just giggled. “You find this funny?!” I shot at him. “No, not at all. I just think you put in too much for this guy. Any guy who doesn’t like you for who you are and how you naturally look is a jerk. Forget about him.” He said. “Hey, Nana is not a jerk ok?” I replied. Nicky put her hand around my shoulder. “Doris don’t worry. If you guys are meant to be he will come around. Did he call you today?” She cut in. I nodded and she smiled broadly. “You see, there’s hope.” She added. “I don’t believe you guys.” Sedem said and walked off.

I stayed till the party ended. I was glad I stayed there. I had the chance to forget about Nana, at least to an extent. I sent him a text saying I was at Mawuena’s birthday party and I would call him back. Nicky kept my phone so I wouldn’t be tempted to call him. “Hey, I’ve got to get going. Walk me home.” I said to her. We waved at Sedem. “Hi, I guess the party is over.” A guy said walking towards us. A very fine guy for that matter. We both smiled and nodded. His little sister I guess was at the party. She ran to him when she saw him. “Errm this is my sister Annette. I’m Pierre.” He said, shaking my hand. It felt weird to have all the attention. That was Nicky’s thing. I was always the girl next to the fly girl. “I’m Doris and this is Nicky. We err did the errm the decorations oh and Nicky is the birthday girl’s cousin.” I stuttered. So yawa! “Pierre could you drop Doris off, she lives just a few blocks away.” Nicky hitched nicely. I was so shy I didn’t know what to say. “Sure, will do.” He said. Nicky smiled and rushed back to the house.  

I sat down in the front seat and wondered what was happening again. We got to my house in no time. “That’s my place. Thanks for the ride.” I said politely. “Sure, it would be nice to see you again. Would it be ok to pass by next time I come pick Annette up?” He asked even more politely. “Yea, that would be nice.” I replied. He smiled and waved as they drove off. I stood and stared for a while. “Why didn’t Nana want me?” I asked myself. I took my phone from my bag as I walked into the house. He sent me a text. “Call me as soon as possible. I miss you.” I smiled and dialed his number.

Me: Hey, I got your text.
Nana: Doris. Thanks for calling. About last night I’m …
Me: It’s ok. Forget about last night. Let’s do what we do best, be friends.
Nana: Are you sure that is what you want?
Me: Huh? That’s what you were going to say right?
Nana: Well yea but not exactly. Are you home?
Me: Yes, why.
Nana: Let me come over. I don’t want to do this over the phone.

I called Nicky after this conversation and she advised I go take a good shower, put on some sweet perfume and wear my Hello Kitty shorts and tank top. I told her that was silly but did exactly as she said. In 45mins Nana was at my door. I went out and the stare I got was worth the hassle. We sat down on the veranda. “Nana Obeng-Yeboah, you have my full attention.” I said to break the silence. He took my hand and my heart missed a beat. “Doris, you are one of the most amazing girls I have ever met. You play a very important role in my life. Will I go out with you if I had the chance? Of course! I mean, which boy won’t?” He said. I can bet my last Pesewa that if I was white I would have been blushing like it’s no one’s business. “You know me well, and you said it yourself that I like to date sophisticated girls but you got it all wrong. It’s not about how they look; it’s about the way I relate to them. I haven’t really been the long term girlfriend kind of guy and you know that. These girls don’t mind just dating me just for a good time and honestly because my life isn’t very stable with me traveling here and there it’s the best. If anyone mentions marriage or long term girlfriend, you are the only one on my mind but for now I want you to be my friend, my best friend.” He said. His eyes were tearing. I looked at him. I was so confused. I didn’t know what to say. “Please Doris. I don’t want to lose you. Please understand me.” He added. I smiled and hugged him. I told him my mum didn’t want me to stay out late so we should talk later. He hugged me again and left. As I went to bed in my Hello Kitty outfit, I told myself over and over again, “God, help me let him go.”

To be continued...

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