Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plan your life!

Planning is one very important part of our lives. It is said that if you fail to planning, you are planning to fail. From daily schedules to timetables, there are so many types of planning. Even though we all know life is very uncertain in the sense that only our Creator knows the future, we need to prepare ourselves and be organized for the days to come. Planning can also be a very interesting activity. I am a big fun of planning. Some people plan daily, others weekly and even annually but no matter how often you do it you need to have an ultimate life plan.

I asked a friend last week if she had a life plan and she looked at me as if I was from another planet. ‘I’m just 19 years’ she said. There is no age restriction when it comes to life planning. You see, a life plan is just a structured organization of events from the present to the future. It’s a map that shows how to get to your dreams, aspirations, objectives and achievements. This type of plan serves as a universal set to all other plans irrespective of how small they are. In other words all the plans you make come together to form your life plan.

One nice thing about a good life plan is that it keeps growing and changing as we ourselves grow. This is because life is simply unstable. Lots of people just give up planning when things don’t go their way. That is just wrong. Life plans should be strict but flexible. Once you start by knowing this, the easier you cope. You should know that you cannot control everything in your life but you are 100% in control of your life ‘plan’. Don’t let your plan control you! Here are a few tips for a successful life plan.

• Be as realistic as possible. Unreasonable goals or dreams will frustrate you when you can’t achieve them because you may not even come close.
• Take advantages of your resources. Identify what you are good at and work around that in our plan.
• Do not focus too much on one particular area. Make your plan all rounded. When you put all your energy in only one sector, you will lose out on the others.
• Be flexible especially with time. Deadlines can kill sometimes. You can use words like ‘soon, often and later’ when it comes to huge tasks and achievements. There is a time for everything.
• Revisit your life plan often. Make changes when you have to. When you miss an opportunity don’t take it out of your planning completely. For all you know a bigger and better chance will come your way.
• Write it down. Don’t just have your plan in your head. Put it down in black and white. It could be in a little notebook, on your computer or even on a poster on your wall.(pieces of paper are not the best)
• Do not let your plan control you. Just as you wrote it, you can change it so you don’t have to kill to get it done how it is. You should also know that it is only God that can make things go exactly as he wants it. Your life plan is just a way of preparing yourself for the future and making your decision taking easier.
• Put down the main things and not every single detail. This will keep your plan simple and create an illusion of it being easy to undertake. Making it lengthy might even scare you away.

These should help you put down your own special life plan. Make sure you follow it though, because a map that isn’t used is just a piece of paper. Bon chance!

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