Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion inspiration

Everybody whether they like it or not have a distinct style. Some are similar to others and some completely stand out. A person's style can be influenced by so many thing. Examples are the weather, where they live, the amount of money they have, their religion, their physique and lots more. There is also what I call the sandpaper effect where other people's fashion rubs off on you. It happens all the time, consciously and unconciously.

Some people pay a lot of attention to what they wear and how they wear it. Some people have specific themes for how they dress while others mix and match. The themes vary. They could be according to colour, religion, shape, length and so on. These themes can be used to define or describe their style. You may hear people say 'my style is bohemian chic, or African or even vintage.' They are merely fashion inspirations.

The fact that maybe your style does not have a definate name does not mean you don't have a fashion inspiration. It's either you have very many or you don't know what yours is called. lol. I for instance don't have one fashion inspiration. I like to mix and match so much based on how I feel. Some poeple may not know their style just because they don't pay much attention to it. I'm a big fan of art, fashion and style and as such it intrigues me to see different types of shapes and curves as well as the deeper feeling of it. I design clothes in my spare time. I know people who think designing clothes is easy but trust me there is nothing easy about it. I have met several people who said sewing is the most challenging part of making clothes and designing the clothes is a peice of cake.

I do not disagree with sewing being hard but designing isn't easy either. I'm not going to take you through the process because that will never let you see the real picture. All I can say is, when you are creating something for someone you can't just do what you like. There are a number of things you have to take into consideration. I'm sure somebody reading this is saying to themself 'isn't this thesame blog I read about going all out to be creative?' Yep, it's the same blog but this is a different issue. It's like looking at a shape from different perspectives; you will never see thesame thing. When you are designing clothes you are not creating the clothes in general (that was done millions of years ago) you are creating another way to wear them or another type. Here the basic idea of clothing must be present. When it comes to 'shapes, accessories, texture' and the like then you can go all out. (I hope my explanation is good enoough)

In several parts of the Western world, people get their fashion inspiration from celebrities and famous people. These 'stars' literally set trends for many to follow. I find this phenomenon quiet interesting and extremely easy. I mean think about it...the celebrities usually have a stylist who puts their clothes together (to fit THEIR body type) and other people watch and follow. This goes to the entent that some clothing shops make and sell clothes that look as close to what the celebrities wear as possible for sale.(Naturally at cheaper prices) So don't be surprised if you see three young ladies in thesame outfit (head to toe) at an event. It was probably rocked first by Beyonce! Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying going the full length is very lazy.

I noticed that is Ghana, more people dress according to what they like or admire from anywhere. Don't get me wrong we do have trends but they last longer and the craze to dress in the latest trend has always been high as far as I can remember. The difference though is that trends can be set by anyone.(I'm working on my very own) From a beautiful lady at a wedding to a man crossing the street. I have never in my life seen a boutique in Ghana sell clothing styles that Jackie Appiah or Mzbel wears. Have you? I guess that is not part of our culture.

I believe fashion is a personal statement and whether you are rocking, be it 'old school' or vintage all you have to do is make it yours!

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