Thursday, March 18, 2010

The creative battle

I just looked up the word creative and found this, 'producing new and orginal ideas and things;. It seemed a bit vague so I looked it up in another dictionary and found thesame thing. At that moment I realized that creativity was not what I thought it was all these years (I'm not that old, mind you) and I'm sure you will find this very interesting.
Let's give this a try. When the word creative is mentioned what comes into mind? Think of about five words related to or five best attributes to the word. Ideally it should be things like 'new ideas, different, change, peculier, on of a kind etc. but for some reason you might also think of 'nice, good, artistic, aesthetic, funtional'. This is skeewd towards the positive making the word seem as though it is a 'positive' thing. That's just something I have noticed which is not exactly in line with the definition which just talks about orginality.

One day I mentioned to a friend that I believe every human being is creative and he STRONGLY disagreed. Fair enough. His arguement was that if we are all creative why don't we all have inventions to our names? To him creativity is possessed by a select few. I was interested in his words but not surprised because I used to think in a similar way. I made my statement as clear to him as possible and this is what I said 'I think many people pay too much attention to the 'big ideas and creations' so much so that several other inventions pass them by.

Any one can come up with a new idea but first they have to take their minds off their society, environment and be in connection with themselves thus being original. Liberating themselves from the others and bringing out something from themselves. It is not that one cannot be creative. It is either they don't want to or don't know how to. Personally I think being yourself and doing things your way comes naturally but the problem sets in when there is a norm in doing things similar to yours and then you become NORMal and uncreative. So I think to be called creative, all you have to do is something outside the norm and you are there irrespective of it's beauty, usefulness or positive appeal.

Most people are not creative because they think too much about their surroundings or what will be said and I don't blame them. This is because some people's creativity has been insulted, critisized and even laughed at. At the end of the day it's your own 'eye tsroh' that makes you a creator. I believe God is the Ultimate Creator and we are to walk in his footsteps so why don't we?

If you conceptualize something, listen to yourself and let no walls prevent you from making it originally yours. Fight out the norm, forget how it is supposed to be and go all out! If some people didn't do that, you wouldn't be reading this right now.


  1. i couldn't agree with you more. originality is the essence of creativity.

  2. yea, 'creativity' is subjective..n yes people look for d big things and forget about the little things dat count...n for some ppl, small things grow into big things, we need the right kind of nourishment, environment and ya, i agree wit u.