My first post

11:53 PM

I'm not used to the whole blogging thing but I've been writing for years so I think I can handle it just fine. Honestly I've always been scared of blogging because I feel you can put too much information on-line for the world to see. I guess I'll just have to be careful then.

This isn't one of those personal diary-like kind of blog (don't be dissapointed) but it's something I think will really help me and who ever is reading this. Not only are we all going to share ideas and learn from each other we just may change lives. (Don't know exactly how at the moment but we will see) I would love to hear your comments and if you also have a blog let me get the chance to read it (so i can steal ideas, lol).

Yea, so this is officially my first post! :) PS. just in case you are wondering....the baby picture is just a symbol of my 'newness' to blogging. You can call me a baby blogger for now. (very dry joke..i know)

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  1. wow,....1st one to post on your blog. Lets hope i'm not the last as well,...i totally agree with you. I mean, if God who is the Creator created us then definitely there was some transference of "God" genes of creativity. Anyway,...keep up the goodwork, and dont worry abt the baby steps,....

  2. juliiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Consider me your own personal blogg

  3. No Personally information?? Disappointed!! lol jokes..Guess i missed this post. so far ---So erm--U ROCK! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. for the #babysteps,u n i knw its no p...i am d onelukn up2u so i cant steal ideas cos am a veri bad blogger...and yes YOU ROCK ;) :)


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