Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Little ones

Kids are so interesting. They amuse me every time. I had the chance to spend some time with my nieces and it was more fun than I expected. I definitely want to have children one day and my future husband better be ready! I came home from a very stressful day. The flexibility of my job is quiet fun but the unpredictable nature is also annoying. A day before, I planned to have my hair braided and spend the rest of the day working at home. Just before I knew it my planned had to change. I received a call. Had to meet up with my business partner, get some design work done together and meet up with a client to deliver the work. After the hustle and bustle in town I got back at about 8pm.

When I got back, two things were on my mind; eating and sleeping. When I settled in and had my supper sleep didn’t look far from me but my nieces asked me to put them to bed. ‘That wouldn’t take long.’ I said to myself and nodded. As I waited for them to brush their teeth, I glanced through their photo album. All three of us ended up going through the photos and teasing each other. It was then time to sleep. One said to me when they were well tucked in, ‘I want Winnie, my teddy bear.’ The other asked for hers whose name seemed to change by the minute. I walked to their play room and came back with two stuffed animals that matched the descriptions they gave. Immediately I entered their room there was a huge outburst of laughter. ‘What is it?’ I asked giggling myself. ‘That’s not Winnie. That’s Winnie’s sister.’ My niece corrected. Wow, how was I supposed to know that.

After I got the exact toys they asked for it was story time. We each had to tell a story. Apparently this is some ritual I also don’t know about. I listened to their fairy tale cartoon inspired stories and decided to be a lot more creative and less fantasist. I told them an Ananse story and was surprised to see their extreme interest in the story. When the story ended instead of having them fall asleep they weren’t just wide awake, they wanted more. At that moment I wondered why I didn’t stick to the usual boring happily ever after story they were used to. Instead of telling stories we decided to sing songs from cartoons we had all seen. The Little Mermaid tunes were a favourite. After all this they were worked out and half asleep. I turned out the lights and left their room after saying goodnight.

I had spent almost two hours with my two little girls and didn’t even notice it. Children are indeed something.

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