Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Crush by Audrey Harriet Kumordjie

It was bedtime again and Jonas dreaded his usual last thoughts just before sleep overtook him. It had become a ritual now; that no matter where he was or where his bed happened to be, the same images lulled him to sleep. The images weren’t pretty, they were one of his embarrassing moments yet and even he couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t stop thinking about them.

Bella! It always came back to Bella. When he joined the Scripture Union (S.U) during his first year in High School, it was because of his “school father” the chaplain but it was his crush on Bella that made him stay in the group even years after Edward, his school father had left. He stayed to his graduation day.

His very definition of beauty was Bella, the standard to which he held every lady.  During their school days, one of the moments he found her most irresistible was after she’d gotten a haircut. Her sideburns were often pronounced then as her barber always shaped them up. Her slightly protruded forehead was the only thing he wished he could change about her features but six years later after High School when it was okay for the female species of his generation to “have their hair done”, he would see her again and admit to himself that her forehead had become her most alluring feature yet; more so when she had her hair in a ponytail. She had the darkest skin on campus and even her gums had melanin which made her already white teeth seem whiter.

Her small, well shaped and soft lips which he never had the opportunity to touch to confirm his perception always seemed to beckon to him. She had a perfect bust to butt ratio. The fact that she was petite was often overlooked by many because she seemed to be EVERYWHERE all the time, almost like she never wanted anyone to forget that she’s around. She needn’t worry though, because he doubted anyone who’s met Bella ever forgot her.

She was a popular girl, he wasn’t a popular guy; with a name like Jonas, who would be surprised? His parents definitely didn’t do him any favors with that name.  He was easily overlooked. He was a very shy guy and he never played himself into thinking a girl like her would ever notice a guy like him. His bedtime companion was a replay of an incident that happened in their second year in High school. He had just walked into the Assembly Hall where they normally have their S.U meetings, ten minutes before time. He loved doing that because it provided him an opportunity to stare at her as she walks in or to spend the first few minutes with her in the same room before the other members arrived. He got in and sat down at the back of the hall. Bella was chatting with one of her friends a few rows ahead.

There was just one other guy; a junior in the hall and he was making a show of rearranging the chairs in the hall in preparation for the meeting. He felt a bit guilty that the poor guy was doing it all alone so he got up and started helping. Of course he started at a place nearer to the girls, the most natural place that would make it quite alright for him to walk up to them and say; “excuse me”. He worked his way up to them as planned and said it. The girls got up without even giving him a glance, much like one would treat an invisible person and left but not before he saw Bella raise her left palm to her nose in a gesture that looked like she was trying to cover it from some odor. He felt like he could die on the spot after that, but it was the burst of laughter that came from the other girl seconds later that hammered the nails to his coffin. He never went near Bella again till they left school.

Six years later, he was leading opening prayer at his local church when Bella walked in…………..

Audrey is a vary interesting writer. Her pieces are always relatable downright realistic. She has a blog where she writes stories and poems too. Check her blog out and enjoy binge reading :) Here's the link

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  1. The heartaches of falling in love #sigh