Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Duality by Atsu Antonio Awayevoo

You make me happy, you make me sad
You make me feel high, you make me feel low
Talking with you sends my worries into hiding
As sleep also goes into hiding

I would love to chat forever but Mr Time reminds me I can never
Rules they say are meant to be broken, though if broken, we would be broken
Broken because of an unchecked growth
Growth that could nothing but affections affect
Making affability lead to indispensabilty

Secrets are shared that act like cement, cementing the relationship
Thoughts are shared that build but break also because the naughty may sometimes cause a pondering

A pondering the naughty mind comes into conflict with the Godly mind
Who does but always wins
Though the naughty might have his time of day, the Godly will win the day making the weak strong and the heart peak with songs

As is said, all have two-sides, the bad and the good
The good must however prosper and the bad must forever loss suffer
Like the provebial "YIN & YANG",  in an endless dance they are

Atsu is a friend from university. He is a hard-working quality aspiring guy who loves his faith and having some bit of fun & ambiguity. You can check out his blog for more uplifting posts 😊

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  1. Interesting piece. Is something I can relate to.