Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Forgive Us Father, for We Sin. Part 1 By Etoile Oye

Part 1 - Adowa
Adowa didn’t generally swear, but had to bite her tongue to keep from yelling an expletive at ‘Brother Kevin’. She was at a Youth Relationship Workshop at Yehowa Ne Mehwefo Ministries, and Kevin had gone forth to give a testimony with his fiancée. It was her first time visiting the church, and coincidentally, her first time hearing about this fiancée. Kevin, she knew very well - too well even, especially in the light of the recent fiancée discovery.
As she sat, watching the couple gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and thank God for the willpower to have an extremely chaste courtship and reserve even their first proper kiss for their wedding day; it took all of her willpower to not burst out in laughter at the absurdity of it all.

She thought back to the day she met Kevin. They were at a conference for Marketing, Advertisement and Public Relations Professionals and he had passed by her seat at a most unfortunate time and seen her doodles of peen all over her conference scratch book. He’d bent and whispered in her ears “There was I thinking you were taking notes that would enable your company overthrow mine as number one.”

You could probably have steamed chicken off the heat that rose to Adowa’s face then. Kevin Acquah of the Acquah and sons, twelve-time winners of the advertising agency of the year award had caught her in the act of naughty doodling. She wondered how she was going to face him with the proposal from her company after such an introduction. She had planned to corner him at a breakout session later in the day. How would he take her proposal seriously now?

She was so lost in thought pondering this that she did not notice when the session ended. As Kevin passed her seat to leave the room, he dropped a note and Adowa opened it to find doodles of… flowers? The ‘art’ was signed – Your gender has it easier with the drawing, but we could both use some practice. I’ll model for you if you’d return the favor? – K. She gasped audibly and jumped off her feet to go give him her mind.

She gave him a good telling off, but failed to get any satisfaction out of it since Kevin just stood there smirking the whole time. And so began a game, where he would push her buttons at every industry meeting they both attended. And she would resist and mock his overtures with all she had. It was good clean fun, she reasoned with herself. They had not so much as hugged during these encounters. And it was. Until the last day of last year’s annual conference of the Association of Marketing, Advertisement and Public Relations Professionals, that is.
Adowa was chair of the planning committee that year, and so had little time for fraternizing. It was not until the last day that she forced herself to make time and seek Kevin out. They had a few things to hash out about a previously discussed side venture.
The breakout session was busy, and it had been impossible to get Kevin alone, as he was a facilitator. Fortunately, there was a two-hour break before they reconvened for the evening sessions and so she schemed to ambush him after the session, picking a strategic location to waylay him once he made to exit the room.

As luck would have it, a representative from one of her company’s biggest clients stopped to talk shop with her as she waited and after talking shop, she found to her dismay that while the horde of colleagues seeking to consult with Kevin had miraculously disappeared within that short time, so had he.
Adowa headed to her room to regroup and re-strategize, but had scarce taken five steps when a hand grabbed hers and pulled her into one of the nearby conference rooms. She saw Kevin’s face before the directive from her brain to scream reached her vocal cords, rendering his ensuing “Shhh” unnecessary.

When he had closed the door, Kevin slowly backed Adowa into the wall. While Adowa had been an avid volunteer in the Consent is Sexy campaign in her college days, the words took on new meaning for her as Kevin moved towards her a millimeter at a time. There was something incredibly sexy about how soft his hands were on her arms, how little pressure was in his touch, and the knowledge that the only thing keeping her in his arms was her own desire to be there… well, and the magnets in his heated gaze.

Any remaining reservation she may have had disappeared when his lips finally reached hers. Adowa had a soft spot for soft lips, and Kevin’s were incredibly so. They stood there for the longest time, having lazy Saturday morning sex with just their lips. He pulled away and looked at her with a question in his eyes, but they were both jarred out of the sensual haze, by the simultaneous rings of their phones.

To be continued...

Etoile Oye is a very illustrative writer. She doesn't slack with the descriptions when she writes and it makes her pieces extremely visual. Gosh I love that! She has blog with really interesting pieces like this and more. Check them out here http://etoileoye.blogspot.com

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