Friday, February 3, 2012

My first time

He said it wouldn't hurt and that I would love it

I had never done it before and I was proud of that

But maybe this was the best way to keep him close to me

But once I did it there would be no turning back

My mind said no, the bible said no but I couldn’t hear my heart

I decided to do it! I was in love and so I would play my part

He held my hand and said to me ‘just calm down’

So I closed my eyes and my heart raced as he raised my gown

The pain was more than I thought and I voiced out

But he just whispered ‘shhhh’, what was that about?

Didn’t he see I was in pain? Why wouldn’t he stop?

Then it hit me! This was all my fault! So I yelled and got up

 “Stop, I don’t want to tattoo my boyfriend’s name on my thigh again!”

What where you thinking?


  1. opps I was thinking Erm...#okbye

  2. hahahaha wasn't what you were thinking eh?

  3. delighting....think I have a read similar piece but this time it was a patient pulling his tooth at the dentist's for the first time.

  4. Hehe. I was thinking dentist. good one.