Friday, February 17, 2012

A chance to talk to her

She greeted me in the morning but without a smile
Her walk was slow and sluggish like she had walked a mile
There was something wrong with her. This wasn’t her style
I could tell there was something wrong by watching her for just a while

Why could a free spirited lady feel so down?
In all my life I had never seen her frown
Maybe I should go to her and talk to her now
Who was I kidding I was nobody and she was the prettiest girl in town

Then God gave me a push. My boss sent me to go over
I took a deep breath and walked into her office praying not to stammer
“Hello, my boss said to give this to your father.” I said with hope of getting closer
“Ok.” Was all she said, took the envelope and put it into her drawer

I had blown it. I could have asked her why she was sad
I turned around and walked out feeling really bad
“Hi, wait!” She called from behind me and I turned sharply like mad
“You work at IT right? Could you please help me? I think I broke my dad’s Ipad.”
Jackpot! God had given me another chance and I was super glad!!!


  1. i will over-fix it. for FREE. Moral here,never blow 2nd chances..