Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The transformed 4

Will took Dean back to his house and told him to start the next day. He told him to keep his old job till he was sure he wanted to leave, which he assured would be very soon. All Dean did was smile and nod. He couldn’t believe his luck. Will said he had a party to attend and left him alone. Dean went to the bed room and saw how beautiful it looked. He jumped on the bed and thought hard. He grabbed his new phone when it was ringing. It was his mother. “Hello mum, I’m sorry I didn’t call you.” He said. She nagged a little bit about the time and asked when he was coming home. Dean looked around said, “Ermm not anytime soon oh. I am at Kumasi now oh. We had to come and do some work at our branch here. The guy who was supposed to go was sick so they took me instead.” His mum sounded surprised. “Oh don’t worry they are paying me more for this. I will be back next week ok?” He added. She calmed down a bit and told him to stay safe. After his call he decided to take a shower. 

Dean was getting more and more comfortable with his house as the minutes passed by. He noticed he didn’t have any fresh clothes. He had to get some! “Oh what kwraa. I’m just going to sleep.” He said walking around in his boxers. Then the doorbell rang. He froze for a while and wore his clothes. He rushed down and opened the door. It was her! She was in a black tank top and very small shorts. “Hi, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for rushing off like that earlier. I had a class to attend that’s why. I brought you a cake. Hope I’m forgiven.” She said. Dean was just amazed. He nodded and she let herself in, holding a big slice of cake. She gave him the cake and sat down on the sofa.

 “Nice place. I love the lighting.” She said. Dean was just standing there with the cake. He noticed how yawa he looked and walked to the dining table to put the cake down. “Aren’t you going to eat it?” She asked. He turned back around and picked it up. “Sure thanks.” He finally said. He took a bit and sat down opposite her. She was a sight for sore eyes. “Anyways I have to run. Have a goodnight, ok? If you ever wanna talk about this place just give me a call.” She said. She wrote her number on a notepad on the center table. As Dean got up to lead her out he couldn’t help but stare at her. “Thanks for the cake.” He said as she walked off. “Ah Dean, your mof die oh.” He said to himself when she was out of sight.

The next day, Dean woke up late. To his surprise there was a new shirt and trousers hanging on the wardrobe. He rushed to take a shower and wore his clothes. He was running late for work. “Kwasi, I’m leaving ok? Where can I get a car to Circle?” He said almost running into the gate. “Oh no, I wash your car give you. Will send someone make he come change the car. He say you for use this one.” Kwasi answered and handed him the keys. Dean walked to the garage and saw his car. It was a brand new Kia Cerato. He did a little dance and hopped into the car. He waved to Kwasi as he drove off. He made it to work just on time. He swayed his keys as he walked into the building. “Ei you, Greg has been looking for you.” Afua, the secretary said when she saw him. Dean smiled and asked where he was. He rushed to him immediately. Greg was behind his computer when Dean found him. He dragged him away to the store room. “Oh ma guy, what is this about?” Greg asked when they got there. 

“Chale you won’t believe what happened to me yesterday.” He started. Greg signaled for him to go on. “I met this guy and he gave me this amazing job. It’s like an advertising job. They will pay me 50 Cedis an hour and guess the best part?” Dean narrated. “What?” Greg asked with almost no enthusiasm. “It comes with a 2 bedroom house and a car.” Dean answered and waved his keys in Greg’s face. “Ei for real?” He asked taking a look at the car keys. Dean led him outside to see the car. Greg was shocked! He put his hand on Dean’s shoulder. “Chale have you done your background research on this company? Are you sure they aren’t doing any Sakawa jobs? These things are not good oh.” He said. Dean was a bit offended. “That be what you dey tell me? I thought you would be happy for me kwraa.” Dean said and walked away. Greg ran after him trying to explain.

 To be continued...


  1. Did u have to end this episode here? Enjoying it tho. Keep em coming

  2. Sakawa job??? ISOoKAYY! This girl too,why is she tormenting a brother?? Give him some already!! :P

  3. lol more coming sooooon : )