Monday, January 30, 2012

The transformed 3

Dean turned on the TV and sat on the comfortable couch. He looked at the phone Will gave him and put his hand into his pocket. He brought out the second hand blackberry and went through his contacts. He couldn’t wait to ping Fiona. “Chale let me make use of this before it’s too late. They probably got the wrong guy. This can’t be for me.” He said looking around. Just after he sent the message with his new phone the doorbell rang. He froze. Then it rang again. Dean got up and walked to the door. He opened it slowly and couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a super hot girl standing right in front of him. “Hi, my name is Efe. I live next door. I need a little favour.” She said. Her short hair was swaying in the wind. The sun was reflecting her spotless skin into his eyes. She had her hands on her very broad hips and her slim waist made Dean’s heart miss a beat. “Ermm, hello, hi…yes what favour?” Dean said confused. Efe turned around and pointed to a car. “That’s my car. It won’t start. I have no idea why. Can you help me out?” She said with a little smile. Dean smiled 10 times more and nodded his head like a sheep. 

They both walked to the car and he took a look at it. “What seems to be the problem?” He asked looking at the almost new VW Polo. “It won’t spark. I stopped to take a call and now it can’t spark.” She said, opening the door and sitting in it. Dean walked to her side and couldn’t help but stare at her cleavage from that angle. “Look.” Efe said but Dean wasn’t paying attention. “Ermm try it again.” He finally said when she turned to look at him. She tried it again and Dean smiled. “You have locked it. It’s a steer lock. Turn the steer in the direction u are turning the key.” He instructed. Efe looked confused. Dean held the steer and asked her to turn the key. The steer got unlocked and the car sparked. Efe laughed immediately. Oh I thought it was a big issue. Aww thanks so much. I’ve got to go. I have a class.” She said excited and before Dean could say a word she had driven off. “Oh this girl. She no ask ma name self.” Dean said.

Immediately Dean got back into his place he rushed for his new phone. He was about to send the message to Fiona again when he heard a car park in front of the house. “Efe!” He said and rushed to the door. Unfortunately it was William. “Eii he dey come sack me oh.” He thought. William walked to him and said. “I spoke to the boss. He says I should show you the office. You can work part time till you are fully ready to join us. The way will be small though.” He said and signaled for him to come along. “Shouldn’t I lock up?” Dean asked, turning around. “Oh you don’t have to. Kwesi!” Will called. A young man came running from behind the house. “Lock up the house eh? We are going out.” He instructed. The man nodded and rushed back. Dean was speechless. "Ei, there was a caretaker too? This was paradise!" He thought.

The office building was huge. It was at least 15 storeys high! Very glassy and very expensive. It was a 100 times bigger than his workplace. Dean tried to keep his mouth closed. William led the way as they took the elevator. “You are on the 3rd floor.” He said and pushed the 3 button. Dean just smiled and nodded. The 3rd floor was amazing. The whole floor was divided into glass offices and there were people working in all of them. There were also people outside the offices on desks. They looked like desks secretaries. Dean smiled and followed Will to the biggest office. This one, very opaque and black. Clearly it must belong to the boss. Will knocked on the door and stepped in. He saw a middle age woman behind a computer. “Will, you are welcome.” She said and stood up to hug him. She smiled and turned to look at Dean. “Is this Dean?” She asked, like he was her long lost son. She walked over to him and shook his hand. “I heard you are doing part time. Trust me you will love it here. I’m Korkor Donkor.” She said. Dean smiled and shook her hand. “Thank you. This place is lovely.” He managed to say. Will spoke to Korkor for a while and let Dean out.

He met his supervisor next, Joseph. He ran him through his duties. “This is the marketing department. We sell our products to people. We start with phone conversations, follow it up with meetings. Those on the 2nd floor look for the potential clients so you will be given a list. You will call them and try convincing them to go for our products and services. We pay per hour and after close of day you get your cash.” He explained. He didn’t seem very enthusiastic, unlike Dean who was more than excited. “Wow really? That’s cool. How much per hour?” He asked eagerly. Joseph put the file he was holding down and said. “50 Cedis.” Dean did some quick math in his head and smiled broadly. If he worked the whole day he would make more money than he made in a month at his own job. His eyes widened, he almost couldn’t believe it. “Can I start immediately?” He asked and Will laughed.

To be continued...


  1. O b3 u! U hv me glued to my pc at work n u end am just like dat? I'm enjoying it so pls keep it coming wai!

  2. I do favors too you know #justsaying. 50cedis per hour?? LORD Knows i love my coffee BLACK..i go job saaa i wan more!! Hats Off Julz..