Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where were you?

This was taking longer than I ever thought

People just kept coming, even more than a lot

Old faces, young faces, familiar faces and new faces

All dressed in black trousers, shirts, kaba and dresses

I looked around and saw some particular ones crying

All I could think in my casket was where were you when I was dying?

All I needed was 500 Cedis for an operation

No necessarily in full, could have even been a little donation

But all I heard was 'I don't have money, ask this person or that person'

I must say learning about the cruelty of man is the hardest lesson

A lady cried out and said, "We know his soul is going to heaven"

I wish I could ask her, where were you when I was dying?

When I looked at my little brother I wished I could talk

To tell him not to be like these hypocrites but to be strong as a rock

To care for people when they truly needed a hand

And trust in the Lord way more than the people all around

If you meet my brother, please tell him that I'm trying

To give him this message and that I'm happy he was beside me when i was dying


  1. :( Sometimes the people we need to help us the most would rather spend the time or money on other times that are more transient than we are.

  2. hmm people..I believe i`m alone in this world coz humans can be unpredictable, i wouldn`t hope soo much for help if i`m in such situation.

  3. hmmm I know right. sometimes we forget how mean people can be.