Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I wanted to be just like you

I wanted long curly hair so I would look like you
Practiced several times in the mirror to smile like you do
I never got it right but each time I seemed closer
I wanted so so much to be just like you

Each time you walked by I would stare at you
Memorize your steps and when I’m alone try to do it too
I tripped and fell because your skills was out of this world
But all I needed was practice to be just like you

One day I gave up because I knew I couldn’t be you
You were taller than me, curvier than me and smarter too
Maybe I needed some more time to get there, more practice
So I yelled with my little mouth, ‘mummy, when can I be just like you?!’


  1. When i grow Up,i wanna be just like my daddy,..wait a min. i`m already grown Up :P

  2. hahaha yes. that's our lil girl ;)