Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The transformed 1

Dean tried sparking the car again but it wouldn’t budge. He walked out and checked the engine one more time. “What’s your problem?” He said to himself. “We are already late for this show!” Fiona thundered. She opened the door and stepped out of the car. “I thought you had enough fuel.” She said. He looked up at her. “It’s not a fuel problem.” He replied. She murmured to herself and took out her phone. “Oh Fiona, I can fix it. Don’t worry we won’t miss the show.” He reassured. She shook her head and took a few steps away. He could hear her chatting on the phone. He reached for his own phone and called Greg. “Hello, chale your car no dey want move oh.” He whispered so she won’t hear. He took instructions from Greg on how to have it fixed and rushed off when he heard Fiona approaching. 

“Dean, I can’t miss this show. I’ve called some friends and they are coming to pick me up. They’ll be here soon.” Fiona said grabbing her clutch from the car. “You don’t have to do that. I’ll be done with this in no time. Just give me 5 minutes.” Dean said taking out a tool box from the boot. She giggled when she saw him. “Your car is old; you should get a new one and be free.” She said rudely. Just then a sleek Benz pulled over and she walked to it. “See you later Dean.” She waved and walked off. “Fiona wait, don’t do this.” He called but she didn’t even turn around. 

“Ah Dean are you leaving work already?” Afua asked. He stopped and smiled. “Yes oh, I need to meet somebody for something before I head home. I’m still going with Greg though.” He replied and rushed out of the office. He got to the bus stop sweating and looked around for his friend but couldn’t find him. Just when he was about to call him he noticed him get off a bus. “Chale I have to rush so let’s make it quick.” He said stretching out his hand. His friend dropped a used Blackberry in his hand. “Ok, so everything dey job right?” Dean asked examining the phone. His friend nodded and he handed the money to him. Dean didn’t waste any time. He quickly took out his SIM card from his old phone and slotted into his new one. 

When Dean got back to the office Greg had left. Apparently he tried calling when he was switching phones. He had no option now but to take a bus. The bus that would change his life forever. He rushed into a bus that was heading his way. Immediately he sat down he took out his new old phone and sent a text to Fiona. “Hi, I’m sorry about the other night. I’ve sent my car to have it fixed. I just went to pick up my bb. What’s your pin?” He typed and sent it to her. He smiled broadly and made himself comfortable. Almost instantly she replied. “Oh it’s ok. You finally picked your bb from the repairers eh? I want to get a new one for myself. A white one. You should take me to see a movie this weekend. Will your car be fixed by then?” She replied. Dean smiled but the smile faded when he realized he didn’t have enough money for a movie. “Why God, why am I so unlucky. Is having a girl like Fiona it too much to ask?” He said to himself. It was when he was replying that something went terribly wrong. There was a loud bang and the bus skid off the road ruthlessly. There were screams everywhere and bus run straight into a big tree. The impact was so great it threw some of the passengers out of the bus. 

To be continued...


  1. O b3 u? U've started again in 2012 eh? I will be sticking to u like a leach for da next one.

  2. hahaha oh patience my dear..

  3. Out of the Bus??!!! Oh chale..