Thursday, January 12, 2012

The transformed 2

Dean opened his eyes. He couldn’t see clearly. He was on the floor but from a distance he could see someone walking up to him. He tried slowly and managed to stand up. He looked around and the place was pitch black, all he could see was a man in a suit walking to him. He took off his sunglasses and said. “Hello there.” Dean smiled immediately. “Hi.” He responded. Then he looked around again. “Excuse me, where am I?” He asked. The man smiled. “Where so many people will die to be. Not literally though.” He answered and giggled. “Take a seat.” He said and they both sat down. “Is this some kind of job interview?” Dean asked. The man put his hand on his chin. “Well yes, it is.” He said. Dean smiled broadly. “Dean Ofori, I have seen a lot of potential in you and so I want to make you an amazing offer. One you can’t refuse." 

Dean sat up right. “Let’s talk about the pay. We are looking at 6,000 Cedis a month, a car, a Range Rover to be specific, a 3 bedroom house in East Legon which will naturally get you all the girls. You know what I mean?” He said and winked. Dean’s pupils were fully dilated now. “Wow, this is amazing! When do I start work?” He said excitedly. “I love your enthusiasm. If you sign the contract, I’ll take you to your office and you will start today. These are the keys to the house and the car.” He said jiggling the keys in front of Dean. “Just sign here.” He said handing him a pen and a document. “Wait!” Dean shot back when he had the pen. “This is a dream isn’t it? Good things don’t usually happen to me this easily. I am going to wake up and be back at my yawa job.” He shook his head put the pen down. The man looked at him in surprise. “No no no, this may seem as a dream but it’s very real.” He replied a little less comfortably. “Forget it! I don’t even remember applying for this…” Dean started but the man cut him short. “So you want me to give this offer to somebody else because you think it’s fake?” He asked. Dean looked around and noticed they were in an office. He attempted to get up but the man stopped him. “You know what, let me put you on probation. You can start immediately and you will see if it’s a dream or not alright?” He said. He got up and signaled for Dean to follow.

“Oh this will be your work phone.” The man said, handing him the latest Blackberry phone. Dean’s jaw dropped. He took the phone and couldn’t help fidgeting with it. They walked out of the empty office building onto the street. When Dean saw a trotro he started getting flashes of his accident but immediately the man put his hand on his shoulder and asked, “are you ok?” everything disappeared. He walked to a brand new 2011 Jaguar and signaled for him to have a seat. “My goodness, is this your car?!” Dean asked almost hopping around. “Yes, this is actually my favourite of all my cars.” He smiled and said. On their drive to their destination, Dean asked. “You know, you never told me your name right?” The man stopped at a red light, turned to Dean and smiled again. “My name is William but you can call me Will.” Dean shook his head. 

Will pulled over at a huge estate with the biggest and most amazing houses. He got out of the car and Dean did too. They walked to the front of one of the houses. “Man, is this your place? Gosh your job must really pay you well. Young guy like you paa…” Dean said looking around. William laughed out loud. “No my friend, this house is for you. Mine is a 6 bedroom.” He replied. Dean was for the first time speechless. Will opened the door and the inside was just as Dean imagined; Beautiful. It was fully furnished with everything a man can ever ask for; a huge tv, surround sound, video game, comfortable chairs and even a chandelier! Dean walked through the house without saying a word. “These are your keys. The car is in the garage. I have some business to attend to so I’ll leave you to enjoy this space.” Will said and sneaked out. Dean didn’t even notice. He was completely dazed.

To be continued...


  1. i smell the devil in the works. julz. i like the way ur mind works.

  2. @ Patrick- hehehe at ur service

  3. you are a great story teller! twists be what