Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi Stranger

I looked at my phone to check the time. It was 9:15. Anita wasn’t back yet. I considered calling her but something caught my eye. A lady wearing a very small dress was collecting a cue. Was she seriously going to play pool in that? I watched patiently and took a sip of my drink. I wasn’t the only one staring, I’m sure everybody was wondering the same thing. She took the cue and walked over to a certain dark guy sitting alone at a table. She handed it over to him and sat on the opposite chair. Such drama! I shook my head and turned away. What an annoying couple. I heard a guy go like ‘mtcheeew behind me and couldn’t help giggling. I bet that was an anti-climax for him. I turned around to see the face and noticed another guy sitting with him, a really good looking one. 

I turned away so this guy wouldn’t think I was staring. From the little I saw he had a very neat haircut, was wearing a decent polo shirt and some sweet smile. He had one of those ‘Asante Tre’, you know the extended occiput just like Theo Walcott, the Arsenal striker. I loved those amazing heads, lol. The guy’s head reminded me of my boyfriend. He had one of those. Then I thought about him. Odoi and I had been having a rough relationship for the last couple of weeks. When my cousin called me to come for her baby’s out-dooring, I felt it was just what I needed; to get away from him for a while. You see, we work in the same company so I see him everyday. I told my boss about the event and was given a 3 day leave. The planning was so hectic but we pulled it off and the event seemed almost flawless. My cousin Ewurama, was married to a Doctor and they lived in Cape Coast. They had been married for five years and this was her first baby. The whole family was excited and the event was massive. 

Well enough about her. So I’m sitting at this bar in a city that I can easily get lost in. I didn’t come here myself though. I came with a friend, Anita my Uni buddy. She lived here and since I was going back to Accra the next day, decided to take me out. A few minutes after we ordered drinks she saw a friend of hers and told me to excuse her for about 10 minutes. I should have realized she wouldn’t be back soon when she grabbed her purse. I had been sitting alone for close to an hour. What nonsense is that? I called her several times but she wouldn’t answer. This was beginning to be annoying. I decided to call Odoi to see how he was so I walked outside to talk. 

Odoi: Hello.
Me: Hi, how are you doing?
Odoi: I’m fine. How was the outdooring?
Me: Oh it was good. I just hadn’t heard from you in a bit and decided to call…
Odoi: Esi, can I call you right back?
Me: Oh are you…
Odoi: Yea I’m kind of tight now. Will call you back ok? Bye.
Me: Ok, bye.

I felt very bad. I don’t know what made me more upset, the fact that he rushed me off the phone or the fact that I heard a girl talking in the background. I managed to think positive. It was probably nothing. I put the phone back into my clutch and walked into the bar. On my way I saw Anita’s car and breathed a sigh of relief. I walked in and saw her chatting with Mr. Cutie. What are the odds? He was smiling and talking. I sat down at our table, a little shy. Anita noticed me and turned around. Then our eyes met. I won’t lie, his eyes twinkled. I looked away quickly and Anita walked over to me. I prayed she didn’t notice or else it could have been pretty awkward. 

“Oh Esi, I’m so sorry. My friend had some stuff in her car she wanted me to see. This car marketing trend is becoming common oh. Anyways do you want another drink?” She said, just about to call a waiter. “No, it’s fine. Chale this place is kind of boring. Isn’t there any other place to go?” I asked looking around. Anita thought for a second. “Oh I have an idea. My friend was talking about some cool beach resort that’s having some event tonight. Do you want us to go to that with them?” She asked leaning forward. “What kind of event?” I asked rolling my eyes. “Ermm, hang on, let me ask him.” She said and stood up. She walked to Mr. Cutie. Just at that moment I had made my decision. Even if it was a history event I wouldn’t mind, hehehe.

To be continued...


  1. Hehehehe! looking forward to da continuation. Not a bad bday gift from da bday gal!

  2. still keeping us in suspense huh? :D

  3. David- aww i'm glad you like it.

  4. Ayisha- lol this one is a bit short. the next part will be out before you know it.