Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi Stranger 2

Esi made a quick introduction. He was called Vincent but they all called him Vince and the other guy was…ermm ehhh ah yes, Yaw. Anita drove behind them as we went to the beach resort. From the number of cars at the car park I could tell the place was pretty active. The beach was really nice. There were lights all over the beach and people were sitting on the sand. There was also a live band playing fun music. I even saw some people dancing. I was enchanted for a while. “You like it right?” Vince said from behind me. He almost startled me. I turned around and nodded. “Hey don’t take the glory for this oh. It was my idea.” Yaw said and I smiled. 

We sat down on the sand like everyone. There was so much fun in the air. Anita took out her camera and screamed, “smile!” She took a shot of us then tossed the camera to me to take a picture of her. “Poor Facebook.” Vince said, shaking his head. We all burst out laughing because he wasn’t wrong at all. We had a pretty silly conversation about the things we didn’t like about Facebook. Vince was so funny. He didn’t seem shy at all too. The guy was so straight forward, it made me loosen up and have a good time. After a while I noticed we had to walk to the bar to order drinks. “I’m going to get a drink. Does anyone want one?” Vince asked getting up. I noticed his body structure better now and all I can say is WOW! “Get me what you usually get.” Anita said. Yaw paused for a while and said the same thing. Before I could say anything, he held me and pulled me up. “Let’s go.” He said. I smiled and walked with him, up to the bar. 

“Are you expecting an important call?” Vince asked just after we placed our order. “No, but why do you say that?” I asked surprised. He raised one eyebrow. “You keep staring at your phone especially when you hear some sound.” He explained. I was guilty. I just shrugged and he smiled. We took the drinks down to the squad and joined in their conversation. They were talking about girls and shoes…so embarrassing. “My sister has more shoes than she knows. It’s amazing how she keeps looking for more too.” Yaw said. Anita stood up and pulled him. “Yaw let’s dance. That’s my song.” She said. He was hesitant for a while but she managed to convince him. Vince came to sit next to me. “Did I tell you I was psychic?” He whispered into my ears. “Oh really? Tell me more.” I said dramatically. He giggled and took my hand. “You, my fair lady are not from around here.” He said with his eyes closed. I laughed out loud. “But Anita already told you that. Quack psychic!” I teased. He giggled and said, “Ok, that was just comic relief. Now, you are troubled about something…maybe someone.” He said. I managed to smile and shook my head to hide my surprise. “Oh wrong again? Ok my last try. You are a really cool young lady.” He added. Was he making a pass at me? I was so shy, I looked away. “Ouch mosquito. Thank you.” I said and scratched my perfectly fine leg.
For those few seconds my head was racing. I was at an amazing place, pretty far from home, with a hot guy and he seemed to be making a pass at me. Wasn’t this so nice? I leave for Accra the next day, a little fun wouldn’t be bad at all but there was just something nagging me, actually someone…Odoi. 

Then my dark side spoke again. Forget the boyfriend. Who knows what he is up to at the moment? I had been out of town for four days now and he called just once. Didn’t I deserve better? “Should I get you a mosquito repellant?” Vince said and cut my thoughts short. Just then his phone rang and he stood up to take it. “…Do you know how much a microwave costs?” He asked me in between his conversation. “Oh depends but I’m sure it ranges between a 100 to like 400 Cedis.” I replied. He told the person and walked off to talk some more. When he left I had enough time to think. As much as this would have been an amazing adventure, flirting with a stranger, I was committed to Odoi and I wasn’t going to do anything silly. Even though things weren’t perfect, I believed we would get through it. 

“Are you buying a microwave?” I asked when Vince came back. “Me, oh naa. It’s my girlfriend. She wants to move out of her parent’s house.” He said giggling. I was almost speechless. “Yaw is such a lousy dancer.” He teased. I took the opportunity to laugh it out. I think I over did it. “Do you know how to dance?” He asked. “No, I’m worse than Yaw even.” I lied. He paused and turned to me. “Let’s find out.” He said, pulling me up again. He dragged me to the where Yaw and Anita where and started dancing. “My goodness Esi is such a good dancer.” Anita said and the guys cheered. I laughed out so loud and danced away. This was so much fun. Vince was so much fun.

After dancing we were all so worked out. We fell flat on the sand to catch our breath. “Obolo get up and let’s get some water.” Anita said to Yaw and they both left. Vince and I were now alone lying next to each other and facing the sky. “I just knew you were a good dancer.” He said. I giggled and gave a little bow. Then all of a sudden we turned to look at each other at the same time. For at least 7 seconds we were staring at each other speechlessly. My eyes went straight to his lips. They were just the right shade of pink and made my heart jump. I knew it was a 100% lust on both sides. 

To be continued...


  1. O boy! Now dats wusup! NEXT pls!

  2. @David- next coming right up! LOL

  3. what's with girls and pink lips? does any girl out there like chocolate lips?? discrimination!!!!

  4. hahahaha Oh Patrick. Some girls like those too u know...

  5. Chale i think i have to start commenting in other languages "coz i short vocabs".. :)