Monday, September 12, 2011

Justin's surprise 4

A nurse walked over to my bed and checked my drip. She turned to me and noticed I was awake. “Hello, let me get the Doctor.” She said and walked off. I wanted to know what I was doing in a hospital and why my body felt so weird. I calmed down because the Doctor was probably the best person to ask. Then my mind went to Justin. If I was hurt, where was he? I tried to remember what happened but it was so hazy. All I could get was me and him together sleeping in the Hotel. What the hell happened?!

I opened my eyes when I saw a tall dark doctor walk towards me. He was holding a folder and reading through it. The nurse was by his side. “Hello, I’m Dr. Gibson. You were involved in an accident. How are you feeling?” He asked. I blinked twice. “Thirsty, and my body feels heavy.” I replied. Before he could comment I asked, “Is Justin ok?” Dr. Gibson looked at me sharply and stopped writing down his notes. “I beg your pardon; who?” He asked. “The last thing I remember is being with my boyfriend. I just hope he is alright.” I explained, coughing from a dry throat. The nurse walked off. “Oh, I’m sure he is fine. The man who came with you wasn’t badly hurt. Please excuse me. The nurse would be with you soon.” He said and quickly walked off. I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe the hotel caught fire or something, while we were asleep. 

The nurse brought me some ice to suck on and asked me several questions. When she was done I asked to see Justin. She said she wasn’t sure if he was still around and that she would do her best to locate him. I lay in bed for a while before I heard the all too familiar voice. It was Eyram my roommate. She rushed to my bedside. “Marie, oh how are you feeling?” She asked. I managed a very weak smile. “I’m not that bad. The nurse said I would be up and running soon.” I explained. She put her hand on mine and smiled, properly. There was a bit of a silence and she grabbed her phone from her bag. “Your mum called me, she wanted to come here to check up on you but I told her you would be fine so I’m responsible for you now. I hope you are not mad at me. I just thought that would be what you want.” She said feeling a bit guilty. “No, it’s fine. You know me well. It’s not necessary for her to come all the way here.” I said. She immediately calmed down. “Here. I’m calling so you talk to her.” She said and handed me her phone.

My mum was her normal worried self. She even managed to get Dr. Gibson’s number and called him. Sometimes it’s like she loves me too much. I was just about to ask Eyram about Justin when the nurse came to me. “I think I have located your friend. He was just being discharged. He’s just filling some forms so he should be with you soon.” She said and walked off. I thanked her before she left. Eyram had a call and walked out to take it. I tried to sit up. I turned to the table next to my bed and saw a few items on it. A box of fruit juice, some biscuits and a bar of chocolate. I knew these were from Eyram. She is like that. I smiled and looked around. The nurse had taken off my drip so I knew I would be leaving the hospital soon. I had a few dressed wounds on my arms but nothing too painful. Then I noticed something interesting. Justin’s necklace was shining in the light. I smiled and rubbed it with my hand. What a dramatic end to a beautiful romantic weekend.

I was just about sleeping when I heard somebody enter my room. It was a man. He was short and had a huge bandage on his shoulder. I sat up again. He greeted me and I responded. He struggled with the English but I could understand what he was saying. Basically he said the accident wasn’t his fault and that the other car rather run into him. He also added that the other driver also agreed. I nodded and asked him why he was telling me all this. It wasn’t like I was accusing him of anything. He looked dumb-founded and asked why I wanted to talk to him then. I smiled and told him that I didn’t ask to speak to him. He walked off and murmured, “nurse wei paa”. I shook my head and lay down. I was almost irritated when the nurse came back. “Did your friend come here?” She asked. I shook my head. “No, the only person who came was the taxi driver.” I replied. She paused and looked at me. “Ah but he was the only man who came with you oh.” She said. My heart missed a beat. Where was Justin?!   

To be continued...


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