Thursday, March 31, 2011

OMG he's cheating! (part 3)

Lunch wasn’t so interesting the next day. It wasn’t the food, it was me. I was having fried rice with beef sauce but all I could think about was Naa, my cousin. I didn’t know what to do about the information I had. Who knows, maybe it’s a huge coincidence that her boyfriend also owns a studio like the caller. Maybe too he’s joking around. No he won’t spend so much money on a joke would he? I swallowed as much food as I could and went to get my phone without touching dessert. Can you imagine? Today, there was chocolate in addition oh! I handed my ID card over to the security man and he brought my bag out of my locker for me. I smiled feebly and called Naa. 

Me: Hi, what’s up with you?
Naa: I’m good oh. Just about to go for lunch, finished talking to a client. Don’t tell me you want me to go to the store again for you.
Me: Oh no. I got the text you sent me. I will go there myself later. You are going to Sesi’s studio eh?
Naa: Yes oh. He was so wild about me coming there. I have no idea what I’m going to do there kwraa.
Me: You never told me he had a studio. 
Naa: He didn’t oh. He used to make beats for people part time and he had a big break just last month.
Me: What kind of break?
Naa: I think he made a beat for some singer and she hit big time. So she wanted him to record her whole album for her so she paid in advance. I’m sure it was a lot of money. Ah, Adoley why are you making me talk so much? You are making my roasted plantain go cold.
Me: (Giggles) Banker paa, you are eating roasted plantain?
Naa: hahaha eii don’t forget I work at East Legon. Anyways I have to go. My boss will call me soon.
Me: Ok, I have to go myself. Bye.

The call was more disturbing than I thought. The rest of the day was boring. I got just three calls. I spent the rest of the time contemplating on telling Naa about Sesi’s mistress. But what good would that be? Maybe Sesi was sleeping with her because of the money she gave him. Male prostitution paa oh. Hopefully when the album is done, he’ll dump her. After work I walked to Patrick’s office. “Hello, Fafa.” He said shyly. He quickly minimized the window on his computer. Why he was shy of the fact that he was on Facebook, I don’t know. “I was just leaving and wanted to ask you something.” I said. He smiled like always and nodded for me to continue. “Ermm I was just wondering. Why don’t we call the clients from time to time to see if everything is going on well with them? I think that would build a good relationship with the clients.” I said boldly. “I understand your concern. That’s a brilliant idea but the problem is that, this company is a profit making company. The money we make to pay hard working workers like you is from the extra costs we charge for a call. We can’t afford to make calls. When things don’t go well, most of the time the clients call back.” He explained. My plan blast!

On our way home, I wanted to talk to my mum about it. I knew it wasn’t right but what the heck. “Mum.” I started. “Yes.” She answered, taking a turn. “I’m in a dilema.” I said, putting my phone away. “You still don’t know what to do for your exhibition right? Honestly I think photography and painting can be done together you know.” He responded. That was it! Photos! My mum just gave me the best plan. “You are right. Thanks mum!” I exclaimed. I pulled my phone out of my bag and called Naa. “Hey Naa, I need photos of a recording studio for an art project I’m working on. Can I come to Sesi’s place with you?” She agreed. She was already there so when I got home I rushed for my camera and was off to the studio.

 When I got there I was a little nervous. Naa came to get me at the gate and we walked into the studio. There was music playing. I was finally going to meet the super jollof making, amazingly boobed musician. She had better be worth all this trouble! When we entered the studio I saw Sesi, he was just as cute as his voice. Clearly my cousin has taste and so does his mistress! “Hello, I’m Sesi. Naa told me you wanted to take pictures. My studio isn’t much but I hope you like what you see.” He said in that awesome voice. I smiled and took advantage to look around. There was nobody else there. She hadn’t arrived yet. “Oh your studio is just fine but I thought you would have someone recording.” I said innocently. “He will. His artiste will be here in a minute.” Naa said, lifting a guitar. “Adoley have we met?” Sesi asked. He was looking at me funny. Oh no! Naa told him my name…

To be continued…


  1. This studio session go be Ke-Ke!! :)

  2. why did naa pick up the guitar? is she also a singer? hmmmmmmmm......

  3. i can't believe, the beef sauce couldn't get her mind of her issues...and she skipped dessert....hmmmmm!!lol