Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OMG he's cheating!

“Good luck and remember smiles can be felt even over the phone.” Patrick said with a huge smile on his face. I managed to give a fake one in return and he went out clearly more excited than me. I turned my chair around and faced my desk. I went through the guideline again. This was so silly. I couldn’t wait to get paid on Friday and get out of here. I had never worked for anyone before. I mean straight after school I set up an art studio in my father’s garage. In less than a year I was taking part in exhibitions all over the country and selling my works too! This job was crap, I mean I know I studied Psychology in school but that was psychology of art but I needed the money anyways. I had to use this job to make enough money to prepare for the biggest art festival in Ghana! I was so excited. The thought of the festival seemed to give me a better mood. Then the phone rang.

I waited for it to ring again and answered it with the fakest smile in the world. “Akuma Counseling Service, this is Adoley. How may I help you? Please express yourself slowly and audibly so I can help you better.” I said politely. 

Caller: Hi, errrm please I’m Felix. I’m 19 years old and just got accepted into the University. My parents know about this but I lied to them about the course I’m going to be taking. My father is a doctor and has always wanted me and my brother to follow his footsteps. My older brother did and is a practicing doctor but that is not my interest at all. I applied to study political science but now the problem is telling my parents. I don’t know what to do.
Me: Oh Felix, I understand you perfectly. I must say you really have a strong desire to study political science. It’s good that you know what you want early in life. Have you tried telling your parents you aren’t interesting in medicine?
Caller: Yes, several times but my father insists on it. He keeps saying that is the best profession in the world. I can’t hide this from him because I can’t pay my fees myself.
Me: You are right. These are your options Felix; try getting an older member of the family to talk to your father on your behalf. Show this person how much you dislike medicine and your passion for political science. You could also get a part time job to earn some money for your fees to let your father know how serious you are about your choice. When you are confronting your parents, make sure you have enough information to back what you are saying.
Caller: Ok, what kind of information?
Me: There are reasons why your father doesn’t want you to read any other subject right? Look for important facts that support the study of political science, the areas you can work when you graduate, the salary, exposure and other key things. You don’t want to look green about your future when you speak to him. I hope you understand me.
Caller: Yes I do. Wow, I never thought of it like that. Thank you very much, this was very helpful. If there is any other thing I want to know I’ll call back. Bye.
Me: Have a nice day, bye.

Phew, that went well. I really don’t mean to be rude but wasn’t that obvious? Oh well, so far as I’m getting paid people can call me and ask the time! I remembered I had to put down my comments about the call and did just that. 

The rest of day was terrible. People called with the silliest issues known to man. You won’t believe the amount they were paying a minute. One lady even asked if it was ok to sleep with your boyfriend if you were both Christians. Huh? I didn’t even know what to say to her. People are a bit strange. Patrick came to see me when I was taking my break to congratulate me. He was so impressed and excited. Clearly he felt I was going to be here for long…guess again, happy boy! 

Just like in the movies the best call came last. It was a guy. He sounded familiar or maybe he just sounded good. He spoke English like he invented it, sleeeek! 

Caller: I usually wouldn’t do this but this issue has been bugging me for a while now and I thought talking to a neutral person was the best way to handle it.
Me: Ok, I’m here to listen. Please go ahead.
Caller: I met this girl about a month ago. She filled the part of me that was empty at the point. I don’t really have strong feelings for her but I’m extremely attracted to her physically. I hope you get me.
Me: Yes I do, please go ahead. (sh*t he’s taken! lol)
Caller: She felt the exact way and so we got physical but the thing is…..I have a girlfriend and I love her so much. We are even getting engaged soon. I have tried to forget the other girl but it’s just so hard.
Me: Oh ok. I understand you but what is it about this other girl that attracts you to her?
Caller:….she’s very attractive. She like a goddess. She has the most amazing boobs and body, she's so independent and…no that’s silly. (giggles)
Me: What is it, say it. (giggling small too)
Caller: Well….she makes the most delicious jollof.
Me: I see, that’s a very strong hold eh? (smiling)
Caller: Yep, you know men don’t play with their food. Don’t get me wrong my girl cooks really well too but that jollof is crazy!
Me: Ok, have you told her you have a girlfriend, that u intend on marrying?

Then the phone went dead! Oh just when I was having fun. This wasn’t fun at all. I looked at the clock, it was time to close. I sat down quietly waiting for him to call back. After ten minutes I realized he won’t call back so I packed up and left the office. Yup, you guessed right, Patrick came and thanked me for a good work done…smiling as usual. Sadly, I had to come back the next day.

Definitely to be continued... :)


  1. Definitely needs to be continued
    -Ivan, the person must be good inspiration. lol

  2. plz push ur clock N get to work already..lol

  3. @Didi- lol...relax for me small eh?

  4. Okay i am relaxing small p3..:P

  5. wow! can't believe i've been missing out on all this.

  6. yes martin...lots to read!!