Wednesday, March 9, 2011

His friend

I looked at myself one more time in the mirror. Just when I was about to redo my hair, my phone rang. “We are almost at your end.” Kevin said. I gave a quick ok but then what he said just played again in my head. “Who is we?” I asked curiously. “I’m bringing you a date. Don’t worry you will see him in a bit.” He replied and hung up. Guys are so odd. I saw Kevin’s car pull over in front of my house. I put on my final ‘killa’, perfume and rushed downstairs. “Wow, looking good. Anyways Afua, this is Travis.” Kevin said. I smiled and turned to Travis. “Hi.” I said and waved. He was really cute. “What about me?” A girl said, coming out of the car. “Eii sorry oh, this is Jessie.” Kevin added. I giggled and shook her hand. This night was going to be fun!

The pub was almost empty, just how I liked it. I was glad Jessie was easy going because we were cracking girl jokes the whole time. The guys decided that we pair up and play pool. I was with cutie, I mean Travis and Jessie was with Kevin. Travis was really good, or maybe my eyes were just being bias or maybe too it was because I knew how to play pool a bit better than Jessie, hehehe. We won twice! It was really nice potting the balls and watching Jessie pot one particular ball, the white one! Occasionally I would ask Travis on tips just so I could hear him talk close to me. Jessie and Kevin on the other hand didn’t do cheezy things like that at all. They were holding each other here and there with little kisses in between. It looked a little odd but I’ll explain why later. The night ended just too soon. When Kevin brought me back home, I said goodnight and went in. I was a little upset that Travis didn’t take my number. Oh well.

I woke up the next morning with a wide smile. It was nice seeing Kevin again and it seemed like we were friends again. You see Kevin is my ex-boyfriend. We broke up about four years ago. It seemed like we kept having one fight after the other after that. It’s not that he wasn’t a great guy or anything he was, actually one of the best I ever had. We just started dating too early and at the wrong time. It looked like he wanted us to be pals again and I liked that. I just hoped he didn’t want to hook me up with Travis. He kept talking about me getting a boyfriend and I really didn’t think it was part of his business. I got out of bed and walked downstairs to do some chores. Then Kevin called me. “What do you think about Travis? I’m sure he likes you.” He said. This was exactly what I didn’t like. “Kevin, Travis is nice but I can find my own boyfriend. Thank you very much.” I said sternly. “I know but he’s the perfect guy for you.” He encouraged. “I’ve told you I’ll get a guy when I’m ready ok? I have to go. Got work to do.” I rushed off. What was his problem?

That night just when I was about to sleep Travis called me. He was really interesting. He was hilarious too, yup Fanti. We spoke for a very long time and he promised to call me the next day. I tried to remain stable and not fall for him. It was a bit hard but I’m a very determined girl. He seemed to like me a lot because from then on he called me every single day... at least thrice! I rarely returned his calls and text messages. Maybe I was being a little too uncaring but I couldn’t help thinking that he and Kevin had planned this. I mean Kevin and I have had our share of battles, who knows maybe this was his most deadly weapon. 

Travis and I got closer every single day. He came over a couple of times and we had the most exciting chats ever. Kevin was right, he was a great guy. For some reason I could see he really liked me and one faithful night he made this very clear to me. He asked me out. It’s not every day that your ex-boyfriend's friend hooks you up with a good guy. I told him I’d think about it. It was just too odd for me. I guess I’m probably too old school. A week later Kevin came over to my house and I decided to ask him more about Travis but I couldn’t. No, not because he set us up and I was pissed off about it but because of what he said. “Afua I need to tell you something.” Kevin said, when we were in his car. I nodded for him to go ahead. Without any warning he grabbed my hand. “I think we should give us another try.” He said, stroking my palm softly. I was confused. I wasn’t sure I heard him right. “Kevin, we broke up four years ago and we have been fighting each other since. We can’t just get up and try again.” I managed to say. “I know but I really like you.” He added. “What funny game are you playing? What about Travis? Didn’t you yourself set us up? What about Jessie.” I asked. I really felt like hitting him. “Jessie has a boyfriend, she’s just a pal but you said you didn’t like Travis.” He answered. I seriously didn’t plan for this.

Just like magic, the frequency of calls from Travis reduced drastically. When I asked him why, he blamed it on school. I was the one doing all the calling and texting (3mr3 dani). I sat back and looked at the big picture. Maybe it was really a plan. I fall for Travis, he ignores me and Kevin is there to save me from a broken heart. Well it was a little late for that now. I was angry with Kevin. I made him aware that he had no right to mess around with my feelings like that. I honestly can’t be sure why things went the way they did but I thing I know for sure is that…..beware of the ex-boyfriend’s friend!


  1. i think its Ur Ex-boyfriend U should beware of,he is the script writer & Director here...