Friday, February 25, 2011

The hope to carry on (2)

"What do you want to eat tonight?" My mother asked me. She was combing my hair. "Ermm, spaghetti and chicken! No, pizza, no a club sandwich!" I yelled. She just laughed and shook her head. "I don't think your dad will be happy about your choices." She said. She tied my hair in a ponytail and we heard my baby brother crying. My dad came into the hall with him. "I have no idea why." He said handing him over to my mum. Just like magic, when my mum held him he stopped crying. "Eh, that's how you are eh?" my father said and we all laughed. I heard the door bell and rushed to the dining room. I knew who it was. "I hope you practiced yesterday." My mum said and went upstairs with my brother. I waved at him as they left and he started giggling.

"Wow that was brilliant Fafa. I guess you have been practicing a lot." My teacher said. I smiled broadly and nodded. I was lying. "Mr. Botwe, I wrote something for you. Should I play it?" I asked. He nodded for me to go ahead eagerly. I sat upright and picked up my violin. I played what I remembered with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes I saw my uncle, and my father and they were all clapping for me. "Efo, your daughter is really talented." My uncle said. "Uncle Oku!" I screamed and rushed to hug him. He put me on his lap. "When you grow up I want you to play the violin for me every day." He said. "Yes I will." I said hugging him tightly.

"Sister, this be last stop." The driver's mate said and I woke up. I couldn't believe how sharp my life had turned around. There were tears in my eyes. I had just 40 Cedis in my pocket. Half of it was for my uncle's wife. She was nothing like him! I missed him so much but I missed my parents more. Death, is sometimes more painful for the ones who are left behind. My brother and I did nothing to deserve this. When I got to the house my brother was sitting outside alone. "Edem, why aren't you asleep?" I asked. He rushed to me and held me. "Auntie says if you don't give her the money I should not come in." He replied. I couldn't believe this woman. I took out the money from my bag and went inside the house with my little brother. "Here's the money." I said and handed it over to her. She took it and looked at me suspiciously. "So when are you leaving? You can't be living here for free like that." She complained. I took out the rest of the money. "This is another 20 Cedis. I need two more weeks to get a new place." I said and gave the other note to her. She smiled. "There is food in the kitchen. Go and eat." She said walking away. I had given her the last piece of hope I had. Edem rushed to the kitchen and gobbled the food down as fast as he could. I couldn't allow my brother to suffer like this. He was too young. I closed my eyes and prayed...

"God please, please make a way."

To be continued...


  1. babes. where are u getting ur insight from? this is amazing stuff. u got my imagination in overdrive. not that i can grasp fafa's plight. but the sentiments here are so real. like they coming from a real person. awesome stuff. :)

  2. @Obibini...I second that! the pictures she paint's are so vivid!