Monday, June 7, 2010

Surprises come in chains

I'm sitting on a rock with the wind blowing through my hair. Once in a while I pick up my fruit juice in a box and take a sip. It's about 4pm and the beautiful sun is setting. Just what I need, the right environment to inspire me. I flip over the page of my sketch pad. I have 5 sketched already and an idea just sprang into my head. The tide is getting a little higher and the sound of the waves stronger.

"Where should I put the button?" I asked myself and raised my head up to imagine my design. "Somewhere visible?" a calm voice asked. A very familiar one but it couldn't be, or could it? I turned around as fast as I could and my eyes confirmed my assumption. I screamed and hugged him as tight as my body would let me. "Jesse, I can't believe it's you." I finally said with tears in my eyes.

We spoke and laughed just like old times or even better. His eyes were just as charming as the weather. I never forgot that smile, that blink nor that gentle gaze he gave that made all his emotions so obvious. Then it was time to know the truth, the joy of seeing him was enough to avoid the question but I had to know. With a deep breath I asked, "but I heard you died in the accident. Why didn't you contact me after all these years?"

He didn't look surprised because he knew it was unavoidable. He held my right hand with both of his and said "it was an assasination. They wanted my whole family dead. If they found out I was alive they would have come for me and God knows they would have hurt you too. You may not believe this but I have watched you all these years from afar waiting for this day." He explained. I could feel the pain and joy in his eyes. His answer was good enough. He's here now and thanks to the change of government I know he would stay now. There was nothing more to fear. Finally after 5 years I have been reunited with my dear.

We got up to leave. I watched him grab my book and pencils and hold my hand with so much affection. He turned to the sun which was almost gone to sleep. "This isn't right, the sun should be rising to signify this beautiful day I have waited to long for." I couldn't help smiling but he was right in a way. The sun was significant but neither of us knew how yet. He lifted me up and I giggled for so long but then he shut me up in the best possible way....with a kiss. I couldn't believe I had butterflies.

What happened next was beyond my imagination. I heard loud gun shots from no where and saw Jesse fall to the ground right next to me and just when I caught him I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I fell right next to him. "Jesse" was all I could say as my vision went blurr. But I managed to hear his last words. "I love you"......the first and last time I heard him say them.

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