Friday, June 18, 2010

Surprises come in chains II : Memories

I sat down in the shuttle and looked straight through the window. “Excuse me, what’s the time?” The guy sitting next to me asked. I turned to him and noticed he was wearing a fancy watch. “Why, your watch can’t help you?” I asked rudely. I wasn’t in the mood for small talk. “I think someone fidgeted with it because the time is definitely wrong.” He replied. I looked at the time on my phone. “Since you can predict that isn’t the time, why can’t you do same for the real time?” I asked even more rudely when I realized how good looking he was. He smiled calmly and was about to respond when I but in, “its 10:20.” The shuttle came to a stop and we all got out. I looked in my bag for money to pay for the fare but my purse wasn’t in it. This wasn’t happening. I looked again and again but it was just not in my bag. The stranger I was so rude to ended up paying for me and walked off before I could even say thank you. That was the first day I met Jesse…….

“Remember the first day we met, what did you think of me?” I asked with a little giggle. He laughed just recollecting the event. “I thought you were a stubborn young lady who needed to loosen up.” He replied with a wink. I hit him with a pillow and he just kept on laughing. Then I remembered. “The stew!” I rushed out of my hostel room into the kitchen. Luckily, it wasn’t burning. Jesse followed up behind me. He leaned on the door post stylishly. “Somebody remembered to reduce the fire for you.”He confessed. I walked over to him after closing the lid. I kissed him passionately and said “what would I do without you?” He was indeed heaven sent……

With my huge robe and make-up well done, I gave all the poses I could think of. “Pose like a graduate!” My sister teased. She and my brother were laughing their heads off. I couldn’t help laughing too. Friends were hard to find because they were busy with their families as well. My parents couldn’t make it to my graduation but my siblings were there to share in my important day. From a distance I could see Jesse. I wasn’t sure it was him because he had travelled to Tamale for a meeting. As this handsome figure approached, my heart raced. I rushed to him and gave him a hug. “You came!” I exclaimed. “Yes, I hope this was a pleasant surprise.” He said. I stared at him for a while just to make sure he was real……

I stared at a picture we took at my grad which I kept framed on my bedside table. Jesse had been away for 4 months. He was out of the country this time at an architectural fair. He called me often and we had video chats online but I missed him too much. It was worse knowing he had two more months to be there. My Ex boyfriend had hit on me several times, telling me that Jesse was gone for good and he probably found someone else. I didn’t listen to him. What did he know about Jesse? I picked up my phone and dialed his number. “Hello, Jesse’s a little busy right now. Would you…” I hanged up immediately. It was a lady’s voice. I was hurt. Was he really cheating? Just like magic, I met Vishnu, Jesse’s best friend on my way to work the next day. He gave me a ride and I took the opportunity to talk to him about what happened. He burst out laughing so hard he almost hit the car infront of him. “That’s the secretary. She takes their calls whenever there is a meeting. You have nothing to worry about. Jesse loves you.” These were just the words I wanted to hear……..

“She’s asleep. The doctor said she will be alright. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?” I heard my mother’s voice. I gradually opened my eyes. She was sitting next to me looking very worried. I was in the hospital and there were two police men walking out the ward. “Mum, where is Jesse?” I asked immediately I could speak. My mother turned and looked at me with surprise. “Sweetheart, Jesse passed away. Are you ok? Let me tell the doctor you are awake.” She said and walked out. She made me think twice about what had happened. As soon as the doctor came in I asked with so much eagerness, “Doctor where is the young man I was with?” He looked at me with a similar expression as mum. “You came in alone. You where rushed in here by a woman who works at a beach resort. Do you remember anything about the shooting?”

To be continued….

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