Friday, June 25, 2010

His smile

I'm sure I woke up at the wrong side of the bed because things were just not going on well for me. I overslept so I had to rush to work or else I was going to be super late. I skipped breakfast and dashed out of the house. When I got into my car it wouldn't start. I tried it a couple of times and it still wouldn't budge. I got out and rushed to catch a taxi. When I got to the office, my boss had put a memo on my desk. I was to see him IMMEDIATELY. Then I remembered. I was to email him last month's financial report yesterday. He needed it for a presentation at 9am today. I looked at my phone and saw 7 missed calls all from my boss and the time read 9:45!

After my 15 minute blasting from my boss, I got back to my desk to finish the report. You see, it's not entirely my fault. I work faster late in the night so I decided to do the report in the night and email it to him before I slept. Unfortunately that didn't work because I took in some pills that made me drowsy and I fell asleep before I knew it. Apparently my boss didn't even give me the chance to explain.

When lunch time came I was very excited. Just when I got up from my desk my boss walked to me and dropped some files on my desk. 'I need these sorted out,NOW!' he ordered. I couldn't believe it. My stomach was grumbling as I rearranged the documents. I think I work fast when I'm hungry too because I finished it in less than 10 minutes. I rushed them back to his office and put them on my boss's desk. He looked at me sternly, inspected them and asked me to leave. When I got to the cafetaria the only food left was yam and stew! I'm allergic to yam. I rushed out of the building to get something else it eat before time was up.

I got into a restaurant nearby and ordered a drink and some pastries. I gobbled it all down as fast as I could. It was only when I saw a little boy staring at me that I realized my pase was not the best, so I slowed down. Then the 'yawa' continued. When the bill came I couldn't find my money. I could have sworn I put a 10 Cedi note in my pocket. Then I remembered I used it to pay the taxi driver, then I put the change into my bag. This was embarassing. I didn't stop searching for the money. I was hoping the waitress will say, 'it's ok' but she didn't. "Errm you know what, I'm not carrying any money. (like it wasn't obvious) I work at Hellis Airways just over there. I could leave my phone with you and go get the money in no time." I explained. She didn't seem amused at all. "How much is it?" A young man said walking up to the counter. He smiled at me and I must admit, his small was mystical. He paid for me and all I could say was "Thank you, I'll pay you back in a minute". He smiled again. The could feel the air stand still. "It's alright. See you around." He said and left. I was frozen!

When I got back to reality (work) I noticed nothing had changed. The secretaries were still gossiping, my boss was still piling up work for me to do and oh yes the power went out when I was at work and I forgot to save the work I was doing but for some reason, all this didn't seem overwhelming after seeing that smile. That unforgetable smile. Maybe I should have asked for his number. Who was I kidding, I couldn't have, I was just too shy.

When I left the office my day didn't seem so bad until I got to the bus stop. A Landcruiser came out of no where and splashed water from a puddle all over me. I was in a white shirt! I didn't know whether to cry or scream. I tried to stop the next taxi as fast as I can but I signalled a private car but surpisingly it stopped. I felt really embarrased but it was more embarrasing standing by the road in a dirty and soaked blouse. I rushed to the car and got in. "Thank you so much." I said, trying to wipe some mud off me. "That's the second thank you for today. I think you owe me now." the driver said. No, I couldn't believe it! It was Mr. Super Smile. What are the odds? This time I smiled back and trust me, he wasn't going to slip away like before ;)

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