Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The brave 10

Once there was a king. He ruled his people so well his kingdom was the happiest. Everyone loved him and would be nowhere else than in his Kingdom. One day an enemy attacked and fought them. They fought hard. The enemy wasn't strong enough to defeat them so they took as many people as they could captive and run away into the forest. The king was not happy. He loved every one of his people and wanted them back. He sent a message to the village. He told them that he wanted his people back. He was sending his army to go get them but since some had died in the battle he needed more hands. Some of the people yelled "We are not soldiers! Let the army go and do what they can!" Others said. "The forest is scary with all sorts of wild animals. They will tear us apart. We won't go!" Some also said, "We are busy fixing our homes from the war. We don't have time."

The king was sad. These were their fellow wives, sisters, sons and friends who were taken away. He didn't give up. He kept asking till he got a few people interested. They were just ten. The day came for them to leave. The king thanked them. They marched into the forest with the army knowing not what they would face. They walked for hours, following the trail of footprints left behind. "This isn't as frightening as I imagined. There are no monsters and goons at all." one of the ten said. At last, they caught up with them. They had made a camp in the forest. The army looked left and right but the enemy was nowhere to be found. They approached their people and told them they were here to save them. The captives laughed. "We like it here. Our leaders give us free food and we eat as much as we want." some said. The ten that came with the army were amazed. "You are in chains. How can you be happy?" one asked. They got her point but shrugged. "Don't you miss your daughter?" the army commander asked also to a woman he knew. After more questions they realized they were prisoners, real prisoners. The army released them from their shackles.

Just as they started to leave the enemy came back with their swords and spears. The army faught them and the ten protected the people. In no time at all the battle was over. The enemy was defeated and the people returned home. when they got back to the kingdom the ten told the stories to everyone. The captives jumped in joy and reunited with their families. The king was so happy. He was proud of his people and glad they were home but most of all he was proud of the brave ten.

Doesn't this story sound familiar? Can you relate? Imagine the King is God and we are his people. When he sends us out to bring his children back to Him, who are the very people we love don't we give excuses? Don't we depend on Pastors, Priests, Bishops and Popes to do God's work? Well it's not late. In our own little way we can be one of the ten :)