Wednesday, July 4, 2012

His muse 7

‎"Chale if I were you I would go to her hostel and act as if I met her by chance." Moses said. Edem and Moses had become good friends. He felt more comfortable talking to Moses about Sandra than Dean. Dean had a girlfriend, he didn't understand. "Chale she get boy oh." Edem said, throwing his backpack on the bed. "Well if she loves him she won't be so nice to you." Moses added. He was playing with a football. Edem thought for a while. The more Moses spoke, the more confident he got. He was almost sure he could win her over. He thought about ways he could approach her. She was so cute. He was going to make his move the next day.

"You should have been there. The designer took my measurements and asked me to try on some clothes." Edem said walking next to Dean. "Oh that's nice. Abi you are a star now." Dean replied. Edem smiled. "Don't get too excited oh. We still need to make enough money for your school fees and...goodness! Hostel fees too." Dean added, scratching his head. Edem nodded. They got to the shop and Dean looked around. "At least now that you have a new muse we are good to go." Dean said. Edem froze. "What new muse?" He asked confused. "Dela. I'm talking about Dela. I watched how you lit up the last time she came to watch you. It looks like she likes you too oh. You should look sharp." Dean explained and made his payment. Edem felt a bit offended. "I beg Dela is not my muse." He finally said. Dean looked at him funny. 

"Oh but before she came you were a mess. Then all of a sudden your jokes were super funny." He said trying to understand Edem's anger. "That day I had lunch with Sandra." He spilled out. Dean giggled. "The girl you are afraid of or which Sandra?" He teased. "Look Dean, I know you don't like the idea of me thinking about her but chale I dey like am waa. I may not get her because I don't have much to offer and she has a boyfriend who buys her stuff and all but it doesn't change..." Edem started but Dean cut him short. "Yo, can you hear yourself? She has a boyfriend. Let her go! If you date a girl like that she will just make you feel bad about yourself and boss you around." Dean was getting angry now. "You have a show tomorrow. Focus on that and leave that girl alone! You need to put yourself together and realize that you make all these jokes yourself and this muse business is just a distraction. I have to go prepare for my class so later." Dean added sternly and walked off. Edem just stood there soaking it all in.

On his way back to his hall Edem decided to walk. He felt like thinking. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the dark clouds forming. He kept walking on the wide walk, thinking about what Dean said. It was when it started drizzling that he realized he should have taken a taxi. He stood by the road and signaled for a taxi to stop. They were all full. Edem was getting soaked now. He shook his head and decided to walk to the bus stop ahead. He turned around and started walking, insulting himself as he went. He was interrupted by some screeching noice. He turned around and saw a blue van heading right at him. Edem tried to dive into the bush but the van was just too fast. It hit him and he fell down unconscious.

To be continued...


  1. dont kill him oo.
    Wait,he's the protagonist.never mind
    but dont maime or 'gbiligbili' him though.

    1. hahaha @gbiligbili you just cracked me up


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  2. OH madam!! hmm saga continues..