Monday, June 11, 2012

We made it

"Why don't you trust me anymore?" I asked. She turned to look at me and shook her head. "What do you want me to trust? The fact that you went to the party with her or that you have been texting her a lot?"  she asked. "Nadia i have told you over and over again. Nothing happened at the party. I was dropping her off and she said she wanted to pick something up from someone there. It wasn’t a date." I explained. My head was beginning to ache. It was raining and seeing the road wasn’t very easy either. She clearly wasn’t satisfied. "So what about the text messages?" she asked again. "She kept asking me questions. What was i supposed to do? Just ignore her?" I asked. I was getting weak now. "Yes. Gerald she likes you. You are not a child. You know it and you are leading her on." Nadia shot out again. I was tired. "You know what? Just park over here." she instructed.

I pulled over and turned to look at her. "Now what?" I asked. "Gerald does she know about me?" she asked. "What?!" I screamed. "Does she know you have a girlfriend?" she went on. I nodded. "Yes, she does." I added. She grabbed my phone and handed it over to me. "Call her and mention me to her on speaker." Nadia instructed. "Oh Nadia are you kidding me? What are you looking to achieve?" I asked. She didn’t budge. "So you won’t do it?" she asked. I shook my head. "This is childish. You used to trust me. What has changed?" I asked. "You won’t do it? Then fine. I don’t feel like going anymore." she said and opened the door. "Nadia, what are you doing?" I asked. I got down and walked to her. She was almost in tears. "Look, i won’t do anything to hurt you. Please get into the car. I will take you home." I said. It was just drizzling now. She hesitated but finally spoke. "I don’t know you anymore." She said and run across the road. "Nadia, stop this. I'm sorry ok?" I called after her. She didn't say a word.

 I went back and sat in the car. I thought for a while and got out. I looked at Nadia. She was trying to catch a cab. I could tell she was cold. I got out of the car and locked it. I looked left and right and started crossing the road. That was when i saw it. A plane was coming down. I could see it right behind Nadia. She turned around and started screaming. I run as fast as i could to her and dragged her. It was hard to tell exactly how big the plane was but it looked to be falling towards the right. I held Nadia and we run in the other direction. She was screaming loudly. I kept my eyes on the plane as it was getting closer so fast. It hit the ground and the impact shook us so hard we both fell. I grabbed Nadia. She was shivering but we both managed to get up and continue running. I looked at the plane and noticed it was a few feet away from us dragging on the ground with a lot of speed.

 A big tree fell in front of us. This was it. I grabbed Nadia tightly and closed my eyes. Her wet body was still shivering. We were lying flat on the ground and i said a little prayer, God save us. The sound got louder and the ground shook violently. Nadia kept screaming and shivering. All of a sudden the sound passed us. I opened my eyes and looked ahead. It was the wing that went over us. I took a deep breathe. The place was a mess with fallen trees and car alarms blowing all over the place. "Are you ok?" I asked. She nodded and gradually stopped shivering. She held me tightly. "I'm sorry." Nadia confessed. "It's ok. It's all ok." I said and kissed her forehead. From then on I just knew this was the girl for me.


  1. sweet! A very mushy piece. I like it still. big ups Julz!

  2. Haha. Julz paa... Was it a toy plane? Or were these robot sprinters? Liked it though :)

  3. hahaha let's settle on robot sprinters. lol