Tuesday, June 19, 2012

He fell asleep on my shoulder

I wasn’t exactly late for church this Sunday. I made it just in time to hear the first reading. I sat outside as usual on a plastic chair. It wasn’t really because I was late oh, the plastic chairs are just more comfortable to me. The sermon was nice and long and Father was talking mostly about marriage. I smiled and giggled. Was I ready? Clearly not. As the mass went on, kids would run to their mothers every now and then and whisper into their ears. Their mums will give them money or whisper back to them and they would run back. It was really cute. I smiled and wondered when I would be doing same for my kids. Would I have a son or a daughter? Maybe both. Thoughts I usually keep to myself so I don’t scare my boyfriend (lol). 

It was prayer time and I closed my eyes and said a silent personal prayer. When I opened my eyes something hit me. I keep asking God for so many things. He definitely gives me majority and I guess the rest will come in His time but seriously what do I do for Him? I sat up and said to myself. “From now on I’m going to pay my dues. Well at least do the little I can.” I smiled and felt really good about myself. When it was time to shake hands I’m sure everyone noticed how genuine my smile was. There was this cute little boy (about 1 and a half years old) who was walking all over the place. His family was sitting right next to me. I didn’t notice him standing in front of me till something touched my feet and I looked down. He had his hand stretched out so I giggled and shook his hand. He made a little sound and raised both of his hands. For those of you who know nothing about kids, this is a way of saying “carry me”. I smiled immediately and lifted him up. He held my blouse tightly and put his little head on my shoulder. 

My heart felt warm. He didn’t know who I was and vice versa but he put his trust in me to carry him. I sang along with the choir and swayed slowly to rock this angel in my arms. I could see a number of people staring. Well of course they would, I almost always came to church alone and went back same. Me carrying a child was definitely news. Then I felt his grip loosen. Was he falling asleep? I could feel his tiny weight more. I was right, I was humbled, I was melting. For no other reason than that the little boy fell asleep on my shoulder. His older brother came for him from me. He woke up in the transfer and started crying. His father carried him and he fell asleep again.  

When the mass ended I went home with a big smile. I had a flat tyre and had to change it, my trip to the swimming pool had to be rescheduled, my friend was leaving town for a very long time but none of these could take away that feeling. That amazing feeling I got when he fell asleep on my shoulder.