Tuesday, June 12, 2012

His Muse 6

Dean looked at Edem and shook his head. "No, that is a bit too sensitive." He said. Edem closed his eyes and rubbed his eyes. He was about to try again when there was a knock at the door. Sally came in. "Oh sorry I'm late." She confessed. Dean rolled his eyes. "Sally you are always late." He said and pulled a chair for her to sit on. "Oh Dean. That's not entirely true. Anyways how is Edem doing?" She asked sitting down. Dean shook his head. "I suck." Edem said. "Oh please you don't suck. Maybe you are just tired. You had class all day. Let's take a break." Dean said. Sally folded her arms. "Oh how? I just came and you don't want me to laugh?" She said. "He is just taking a break. Come." Dean said dragging Sally out of the room. She giggled as they left. 

Edem sat down on Dean's roommate's bed. His phone rang and he answered it. "Hello, this is Gina from the Sound Blast concert. I wanted to know when you will be free for a fitting." A lady said. Edem blinked. "Ermm I will be free on Thursday afternoon. Is that ok?" He replied. "Yes. That would be just fine. See you then." She said and hung up. Edem put his hands on his head. "Yieee costumes an things. I'm finished." He said to himself. His stomach begun to made the most unpleasent of sounds. He got up and went outside the room. He saw Sally and Dean whispering by the wall. "Chale I dey go buy cho come." He said and left the love birds.

Edem had a big show coming up. It was going to be at the National Theatre. He couldn't mess this up.  He walked to a food stand to buy some food. He was just about to order when someone tapped him from behind. He couldn't believe who it was. It was Sandra. She had a little sad look on her face. "Edem I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have left you like that the other day. One of the models, Bisola, told me you asked for me. Please forgive me." She said. He had never seen anyone look so cute. How could he be angry at her? "Oh it's ok." He said. "In fact it's not. Let me buy you lunch. I know this really nice place in town. Do you wanna try it out?" Sandra asked and waited. Edem was surprised. He had never had a girl offer to buy him lunch before. The closest he got to was a split of a bill and he even had to ask because he didn't have enough money. "Yea of course. Thank God for queues." He joked and left with her. They walked to his car and everyone stared. "I'm a terrible driver so you might want to wear your seatbelt." Sandra said as she joined the main road. "Thanks for the warning. I will keep my door unlocked too so I can jump out if anything goes down." Edem teased and she hit him laughing. He laughed too. There was something she was doing that made him feel really at ease with her. He couldn't figure it out. 

They got to a huge restaurant. Edem almost choked when they got inside. Then he realized he wasn't the one paying and calmed down. Edem had a tough time deciding what he wanted so Sandra ordered for him. They ate and laughed. Edem wouldn't stop telling funny stories and Sandra liked laughing too much to stop him. After the meal, she drove him back to Dean's hostel. He said a thousand 'thank you's. "Oh I owed you one rememeber? Now we are even Fudem." She replied. Edem smiled. He liked the name she had given him which was short for funny Edem. He wanted to ask for her number but he felt it would seem awkward. "You are friends now. Just be happy with that. She has a boyfriend." His conscience said to him. He decided to listen to it and waved as she drove off. Just as he climbed the stairs Dean called him. He noticed he had two more missed calls from him and rushed over to his room ignoring the call.   

"Where did you go? We still have work to do oh." Dean said when Edem entered his room. He turned and noticed Dela sitting next to Sally. "Sorry. Went to eat. I'm ready. Dela are you here to tease me?" Edem joked. She giggled. "Oh naa. I'm here to hear  more jokes about our people." She said and Sally laughed. Edem rubbed his hands. "Alright let's get started." He said. He was bubbling with excitement. He gave a terrific performance. His 3 man crowd was in pieces. They laughed and held their sides. Dean smiled and said to himself. "I knew it. Dela is his new muse." Unfortunately Dean did not know what or who was going through Edem's mind.   

To be continued...


  1. I`m loving this. please if you know its about to end..just post 5 lines every week lol *His Muse 76*

  2. Hehe... Which number nine muse kwraa have you got that inspired this, Julz?

  3. @Oye - hahahaha for all you know it was just a cat.