Friday, June 8, 2012

His muse 5

The presenter introduced Edem to the stage and he smiled as he got to the stage. “Hi, everybody. Hope you are enjoying the fashion show.” He said. A lot of people shouted “No.” Edem went on. “I hope you know that, that reply won’t be heard in the video recording. The organizers are definitely going to edit that into a yes, absolutely, woohoo.” The crowd laughed. “I told my sister last week that I was coming here. She looked at me like I was mad then she asked. Why? You are always behind time in terms of fashion. Well don’t they have a term for that? I’m vintage! Why is it ok for Beyonce to wear 1960 dress and I get ignored for wearing bell bottom trousers?” The crowd went on laughing. Then she walked in. Sandra got a quick seat and enjoyed the show. Edem went on and on and the crowd’s laughter went higher and higher. This was his night!

“Edem so did you make all the jokes up?” Sally’s friend asked. “Dela, this guy is just good at what he does.” Dean said. Edem shrugged. “But my favourite were the Ewe jokes.” Dela added, looking directly at Edem. “From one number 9 to another, I know you liked them because you can relate.” Edem teased and they all laughed. “Oh Edem do the accent again.” Sally asked as they made it for the exit. “Cho, you have to urr pay me for this oh.” Edem said in a thick Ewe accent. Dela and Sally were in total laughter. “You guys take the lead eh, I will meet you outside.” Edem said when he saw Sandra talking to one of the organizers. “Sandra!” He called. She turned and smiled. “Wow, your act today was just awesome. I missed the first part though.” She said. Edem nodded.

"I did my best. This is my first gig since the competition. I just made sure I talked about fashion and stuff the crowd could relate to." Edem said. Sandra was smiling as usual. "You came alone? I thought you were coming with.." Edem started but someone cut in. A guy walked over to Sandra and hugged her. "Hi, I didn't know you would come here." He said. Edem noticed him. He was one of the designers for the fashion show. "Yea, I came to watch a friend." Sandra said pointing to Edem and he nodded. "Oh really. You did the comedy eh? It was really funny. We have so much talent in Ghana." The designer said and Edem gave a weak smile. "Sandra darling, I have this dress I need you to see." He said dragging her away. "Edem I'll be right back." She said as he led her away. Edem nodded and sat down on a chair. He was sitting there when his phone rung. It was Dean. "Chale where you dey? We are getting a cab oh." He asked. Edem looked around for Sandra. "Take the lead eh. I will come later." He said. Dean was silent for a while. "Ah, what are you doing there?" He finally asked. "Oh I'm just chatting with one of the organizers." He lied. "Oh cool. Do you want me to come? Is it about another gig?" Dean asked concerned. "Naa, just talking about the show. I'm good. See you later." Edem said still looking out for Sandra.

He sat there for 30 more minutes and she still didn't show up. He got up and walked towards the changing room, where she was dragged to.  He peeped through but she wasn't there."Ermm excuse me, do you know where Sandra and the tall designer went?" Edem asked a model who was packing up to leave. "I don't know. They just left in her car." She said in a Nigerian accent. "Heyaa it's going to rain." She said and rushed off. Edem was upset. He turned around and walked out slowly. It had already started raining. He insulted himself as he run through the rain to get to the bus stop. "Dean was right, I'm probably not good enough for her." He thought to himself as he tried to stop a taxi. When he finally got into one he was soaked. He called Dean and told him he was going to his hall instead because he was wet. But the real reason was because he was down. "Yo, you remember Sally's friend? Be like she dey feel you oh. She was asking so many questions about you when we were coming. You better look sharp." Dean said excitedly. Edem smiled. She was a nice girl. "Eh, then we go talk moro. She is at your hostel right? I will come over after my Saturday morning class." Edem said. He was happy he had attracted a girl but why couldn't she be Sandra? 

The next day was so much fun. A lot of people recognized Edem from the show and said hi to him all day. It felt nice. When he went to Dean's place they went to see his new crush and she even made them lunch. "Dela you are a good cook oh." Dean complimented. She smiled and looked at Edem. "He doesn't know you added some cat meat to the food." Edem teased. "And you would know." Dela said giggling. "Oh but me and you know how it tastes oh." He said and she laughed some more. He liked the way she responded to his jokes. She was really nice. Edem stayed at Dela's place chatting till it was very late. When he got back to his place he was smiling a lot. He had had a good day. "It would have been a lot better if I had seen Sandra" he thought, as he went to sleep.

To be continued...


  1. *sigh* We all too often convince ourselves although we are having a pretty good time, it would be better with another and so don't fully appreciate what we have. Poor Dela!

  2. hmmm life and its 'oddness'

  3. We all have our own Dela.. :(

  4. yes ooh. Didi have u seen part 6?