That neighbour in my hood

4:24 PM

I took a look at my new shoes, tried them on and put them back. It had just rained. I knew it would be wet outside. My mum was going to work soon so clearly taking the car was out! I wore my dress and stood in the mirror. There was something about that dress. It seemed to make me look like a doll irrespective of my size. lol. I plugged music into my ears and walked out of the house. When I noticed the road was empty I took out my phone and continued my whatsapp chats. It was my business partner so it was more about figures than silly gossip (not that I do that often). I got to the junction in no time. Just as I walked to the junction I saw a bus. “Madina!” the mate yelled to me. I thought for a second and shook my head. I have no idea why, because my stop was just on the way. Then from nowhere a black car pulled up next to me. “Are you going that way?” The driver said in the most casual of voices. I nodded and sat in the back seat, the front was taken. He was using an AC yaaay! 

I took a little peek and saw that it was a little boy in the passenger seat. The guy driving wasn’t that old either. They were in a pretty thick discussion so I unplugged my earphones to eavesdrop small hehehe. “So all he has to do is press a button on his suit and fire comes out…” The older of the youngings said.  -______- Seriously? They were talking about the abilities of certain super heroes and the worst part about it was that older one was doing MOST of the talking. I almost plugged back my music, when I heard something else. “So by the time you get back I would have cooked. Do you want me to make the jollof again?” He said. A smile crawled on my face and I almost melted when the little one said. “Oh yes, I love the jollof.” I almost missed my stop. “Errmm…sorry to cut in but I will get off just right here.” I said, poking my big head from the back. The older brother nodded, noticing my presence! 

He pulled over and I opened my door. I was just about to say thank you when he asked. “So do you live around where we picked you up?” I nodded. “Really, I’ve never seen you around.” He added. “Same here, how long have you been there though?” I asked. He looked at his brother. “Like what, two years?” He asked and his brother nodded. “I see, we moved in two years ago too.” I said and giggled. “Interesting. What’s your name?” He asked again. “Juliet” I said, getting out of the car. “Wow” He said and his brother giggled. I was waiting to hear “My mother is Juliet” or something like that. But he said, “I’m Julian.” We both giggled. “Well thank you Julian.” I said. “Alright sure, so I’ll see you around then” he said, and I closed the door. I said bye and left. That was a cute pair, I thought as I left.

As I walked off, I smiled. I should have taken his number so I can have a neighbour to hang out with. Oh well, maybe I would see him around. I walked into my fabric shop and bought my stuff. On my way back home I looked out for Julian but he was nowhere to be found. When I got to my gate, I got a call. The number wasn’t familiar. “Hello” I said. “Hi, is this Juliet?” the person said. “Yes, this is Juliet.” I replied, entering into the house. “Alright, this is Julian. We met today, with my little brother?” He said. All I could think was “how did he get my number??!”

To be continued...

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  1. ahh nice one. looking forward to the rest of it

  2. Hmmm its alll Julie-Julie

  3. I love it. This is just what i needed to put a smile on my face. I hope u dont keep us in suspense for too long. lol.

  4. :) no Abs, i'm releasing the next part soon.

  5. mate u mean....conductor dier suspect....u see


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