Thursday, April 12, 2012

His muse

"Chale you make ready?" Dean asked his bestfriend. They were back stage and Dean was trying to keep his friend focused. Edem was taking part in a talent competition. It was called the Comedy Blast. He was competing with nine other comedians. It wasn't hard to tell that Edem was having cold feet. "Did you hear the Funny Bone guy? Dean hmm I no go fit oh." He said with his head down. Edem wasn't a shy person by nature but a number of things had happened the past couple of weeks to put him in a bad situation. He lost his father, didnt make it to the University even though this was his second try. His mates like Dean, were currently going to second year and he felt left behind.

 When auditions were open, Dean asked his friend to enter for two main reasons. One because he was really random and funny and the other because it would keep him busy. Edem liked the idea. Especially because the grand prize was a 1500 Cedis. With that he could gain admission into a private university. This was exciting. He made it past the auditions. He was now in the finals! But things went sour when he lost his dad. His father was the person who believed in him the most. When his results weren't so good his dad urged him on while his mother and sisters nagged away. The loss hit him hard. Now it was time for the finals of the competition. He was nervous. He didn't believe in himself anymore. "Herr, don't let me slap you oh. This is your chance. You better man up." Dean said pulling Edem off his chair. "Shake it off." He added. Just then the director of the show walked to them. "Edem Amelorku you are up in 2 minutes." He said reading from his clipboard. He looked up at Edem and smiled. "Don't worry you will be fine." He said and walked off quickly. Dean gave him an 'i told you so' look and pat him on the back. An usher walked over to them and led Edem to the stage. His name was mentioned and they walked onto the stage together. She turned around and walked back. 

The crowd was bigger than he thought. The lights were on him. It was really show time. There was definitely no turning back now. He had to do this. "Hello beautiful people. If I don't make you laugh don't blame me." He said. There were just a few cheers and the room got silent. His heart missed a beat and he started to wiggle his arm nervously. All of a sudden she appeared. A young lady. The most beautiful Edem had ever seen. She walked into the room and took a seat right in the front row. Her silky dress danced on her like a waterfall. She had on a slim belt and all Edem could do was stare at such a slim waist. She wasn't wearing a lot of jewellery at all. Just one ZediCross bangle and silver earrings. She wasn't even in heels. She didn't have to wear them. She was just the right height. Edem smiled and tried to prevent himself from being disgraced. "I try to be honest..but it's hard to make a joke about your life when its boring." He said. A few people giggled then he saw it. Her amazing smile. It felt so warm. He wanted to see more. 

"So I lost my cat last week and went straight to my neighbour who lives four blocks away. Why, because his name is Efo Segbefia." He said. the beautiful lady laughed. Edem felt rejuvinated in some strange way. He wanted to see more of that. "But the messed up part is that I am an Ewe myself. You see we are the only two Ewes in the neighbourhood so if it ain't me you bet its him." He went on. She laughed harder this time and her enchanting eyes almost disappeared. Edem went on and on seeing the different angles of her face as she giggled and laughed. When his time was up he dropped the mic in grand style and left the stage. Dean was backstage waiting for him. His mouth was open. "Chale how did I do?" Edem asked, worried. Dean paused for a while and finally said. "Herr!! You were good! Naa...better! In fact you were the best!" Edem smiled and turned to look at his mystery lady. Who was she?

To be continued...


  1. U had to bring in da bangles didn't u? I love da piece already! I dey beg make da continuation follow sharp!

  2. I was just checking out your blog and I dig it. a3

  3. Advert be what??? Origin8 aint got nothing on you..Nice 1..