Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That neighbour in my hood 3

“No, you called me like 3 times. You called just when I got home and the line cut. A few minutes after you called me back. Then just 15 minutes ago.” I explained. His face was blank. He raised an eyebrow and I knew there was trouble. Then it hit me, Rita. When Julian called to get the number she probably decided to play a prank on me. I giggled and Julian asked me why. I told him the whole story and he calmed down. “For a minute there I thought you had lost it.” He teased. “Very funny.” I said and hit his arm. “Hahaha, sorry but it’s true. Imaginary calls and all, come on Juliet.” He giggled. I joined in. “You know what? Let’s call Rita back and show her how it’s done.” I said, taking out my phone. I called the ‘first Julian’ but there was no reply. “Maybe she quit.” Julian said. He said it was only fair that he show me his place since he knew mine. “Oh cool, let me go tell my dad I’m stepping out for a bit.” I said and went back inside. I did just that and came out.

“Do you have any friends around?” He asked as we walked down the road. “Not really. Well there was this guy I met who lives like down that road.” I said pointing. He looked in the direction and nodded. “I later found out he was an opportunist so that was that. Ah, no there is this other guy I know, kind of forgot his name but he is really cool to talk to.” I said. We moved to the side of the road when a car was coming. “Oh I see. At least you have had some luck. I never really meet people.” Julian said. I immediately started laughing. “Why, what did I say?” He asked completely clueless. “I don’t think you are making an effort. Plus you are probably picky.” I explained. 

He stopped walking and looked at me. “You know, you are not the first person to say that to me.” He finally said. I smiled. “Look, if you want to make friends you have to be one.” I added. He looked at me rather offended. “Eh, are you saying I’m not friendly?” He asked. I giggled and looked away. “After calling me a mad woman, I’m sure I’m entitled to say that.” I teased. He laughed. “You are so witty. I like people like you.” He said. “Thank you, and you see, you are picky.” I said again. This time he nodded. He was gradually getting my point. “Hey but I got to know you. That must count for something right?” He shot back. I thought for a while and said. “Not really. If my phone hadn’t fallen down we probably wouldn’t be having a conversation for you to figure out how amazing I am.” I said running my hands through my hair. We both laughed. “I see, somebody is getting ahead of herself. Slow down oh. But you are right.” He teased some more.

We got to his house. It was a nice house with a very green compound. “Nice place.” I said. He smiled and invited me in. “I can’t stay long oh.” I said as we walked inside. I noticed the black Corolla parked in the corner. “I’ve been meaning to ask. Did you cook for your little brother?” I asked. He turned to look at me sharply. “Sorry, I overheard you telling him something about Jollof.” I said. Julian thought for a while and remembered. “Yes I did, actually it is for my uncle too.” He said. I nodded, impressed. He told me to have a seat when we were in the hall and was about to excuse himself when his little brother came running in and shouting. “Julian, I called the girl we met, she’s really cool. You should meet up with…” He noticed me and froze. He had a phone in his hand. “Kevin? Did you…” Julian started but I cut in. “My goodness. Why didn’t it occur to me?” I said with a little laugh. The little boy ran back inside. “Kevin, come back here!” Julian yelled and run after him. It was him all along.

 Julian came back down stairs with his little brother. “Go on.” He said, nudging him. “Ermm, I’m sorry I called you and pretended to be Julian.” He said with his head down. I smiled and walked to him. I kneeled down so I could see his face. “Kevin it’s ok. I forgive you.” I said. He raised his head. “It’s just that, well Julian doesn’t really have lots of friends around…” He started but Julian cut him short. “Okaay, that will be enough. Juliet I’m really sorry if this made you feel uncomfortable.” He said. I stood up straight. “Oh it’s fine. There wasn’t any harm done.” I said and looked at the time. “Anyways I have to be going. Kevin, do you want to come and see my place?” I asked. Kevin lit up immediately. “Yes, sure. Can I?” He said and looked at Julian. “Ohhh alright. Go and wear your slippers.” He said reluctantly. “Yes! I told you she was cool.” He said and run off. I couldn’t help laughing. “Now that was embarrassing.” Julian said as we walked out of the house. If these weren’t interesting neighbours, I wonder who were.

The end


  1. Beautiful ending! Really enjoyed it. Julz u rock!

  2. You are REALLY cool. Nice 'real life' story.. I miss the girl with blue though. :)

  3. that is a very good piece.i luv it.